Porquerolles, a small island (12.54 km2; 4.84 sq mi) in France, is one of my favorite islands. You can find paradise in Porquerolles with all the things to do, restaurants to try, beaches to enjoy… the list is endless, but let me give it a bash from our visit to the island.

FRANCE Porquerolles
FRANCE Porquerolles Cliffs

National Park

Much of the island is a national park and nature conservation area. This is thanks to the state having bought 80% of the island (in 1971) to preserve the landscape from development.

FRANCE Porquerolles Olive Tree

Villa Carmignac

Since June 2018 you can view contemporary artworks at the Villa Carmignac opened its doors to the public in June 2018 in the beautiful surroundings of a national park, along with temporary exhibitions, a sculpture garden, and a rich program of cultural events.

FRANCE Porquerolles Villa Carmignac

Sainte Anne church

The church (built 1849 – 1851) was listed on October 19th, 2019 as a “Monument Historique”.

On display, you will find the Stations of the Cross (1869) done by Joseph Wargnier, who was a soldier in recovery at the sanitary facility of Porquerolles.

FRANCE Porquerolles Sainte Anne church

Alycastre fort

Like most coastal forts the Alycastre squared pyramidal tower with an eight-pointed star enclosure and drawbridge gate entrance was built (between 1633 and 1637) to defend the coast and prevent entrance on the nearby beaches. It was closed to the public at the time of our visit, but still, a beautiful picture coming into Porquerolles by boat.

FRANCE Porquerolles 4 1

Moulin du Bonheur windmill

The Provence-style windmill is 200 m from Fort Sainte Agathe. In other words, when you visit the one, you might as well visit the other! It has been restored by the National Park of Port-Cros and guided tours are available in season.

FRANCE Porquerolles Moulin du Bonheur windmill

Sainte Agathe fort

The Sainte-Agathe fort (1531) has an old canon tower redeveloped over the centuries. The fort houses an exhibition tracing the history of Porquerolles and the actions of the National Park of Port-Cros. I loved the passages and how well maintained the fort is. The view from the outside terrace is a photo opportunity of note!

FRANCE Porquerolles

Porquerolles Lighthouse

The lighthouse (1830) rises 84m above the sea. Although this powerful lighthouse is closed to the public, it’s worth a mention because its white light has a range of 54 km!

FRANCE Porquerolles Lighthouse

Emmanuel Lopez Garden

Emmanuel Lopez garden (one hectare of spectacular plants) is at the exit of the village. Here you will find plants from all over the world (South Africa, Australia, South America, South Asia, and Florida) adapted to the Mediterranean climate. Such as olive trees, laurels, cacti, and a high diversity of palm trees.

Access was free.

FRANCE Porquerolles Emmanuel Lopez Garden

Other things to do…

  • If you go in the summertime you may catch the annual (since 2010) jazz festival (“Jazz à Porquerolles”).
  • Rent bikes and cycle the island.
  • Do hiking or walk the island.

Sunset and Porquerolles

In closing, at sunset one fully understands that it’s a paradise in Porquerolles island. It is well worth a visit!

FRANCE Porquerolles 7
Credits: Photos other than that of Travel and Home are from Hyeres Tourism.

Where is Porquerolles Island?

The island (established in 1820) is in the Mediterranean sea in the Îles d’HyèresVarProvence-Alpes-Côte d’AzurFrance

I’ve seen the most beautiful cliffs on the south coast, whereas on the north coast you have the port and the beaches of Notre Dame, La Courtade, and Plage d’Argent.

How to get to Porquerolles

Getting to Porquerolles Ferries

Where to stay

If you stay in medieval/historic Hyères you can’t go wrong. Not only is this the point from where you depart to the island, but you’ll love the harbor. From the castle, you’ll be treated to an amazing 360° view.