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Travel with us as we explore the most stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife in one of Africa’s most beautiful destinations. We wish you a pleasant journey – Zimbabwe: The Best 14-Day Itinerary.

  • Victoria Falls

    An overnight at the Victoria Falls, in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, is a must. After all, it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site that you can tick off your UNESCO bucket list! At twice the height of the Niagara Falls, it is a magnificent sight. The falls is divided into five waterfalls. Namely, Devil's Cataract, Eastern Cataract, Horseshoe Falls,, the Main Falls, and the Rainbow Falls.

  • Chobe National Park

    About a 60-minute drive from Victoria Falls lies Chobe National Park. Chobe is known for its wildlife and you're likely to see the Big Five! Especially plenty herds of elephant and buffalo.

  • Hwange

    By your 4th day it's time to head on to Hwange. Hwange National Park is known to be home to one of Africa's four wild dog populations. Also featuring are the endangered brown hyaena and the rare gemsbok. It's worth staying here for a night, or two. Besides, it is Zimbabwe's largest game reserve.

  • Matobo Hills

    Another overnight stay and UNESCO site to tick off from your bucket list! Matobo Hills is known to have the largest collection of rock paintings in Southern Africa. Such as all of 20,000 cave-paintings and petroglyphs. By the way, once you've arrived you'll soon get it why the local people call Matobo Hills' landscape "Bald Heads"!

  • Great Zimbabwe

    Then it's time to head on to Great Zimbabwe for another overnight stay. Great Zimbabwe is another one of Zimbabwe's UNESCO sites. It is known for the largest stone structures (dated AD 1250 and AD 1450) south of the pyramids, fitted together without mortar. It is a phenomenal sightseeing experience.

  • Harare

    Despite being a bustling capital city, Harare is known for its beautiful resorts with spectacular scenery and wildlife such as giraffes, lions and wildebeest. After all the unforgettable landscapes you've seen, it is good to be aware you're in a city with a general crime rate varying from moderate to high. Thus, exercise the usual safety precautions and you should be fine. For example, don't meander in back-streets on your own, or walk around showing some of your jewelry collection. Besides, you're on a vacation. Leave your expensive jewelry at home. Instead, venture into some shopping that is native to Zimbabwe - they have stunning hand-made costume jewelry. If you're into adventure, then try the zip-line from the roof of the Harare International Conference Centre and try to focus on the scenic views on your way down to the Heritage Adventure Park. Finally, Harare gardens, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, and the unique granite formation at Epworth Balancing Rocks are sufficient reason to spend two or three nights in the city.

  • Kariba

    If you're not joining a guided tour, I recommend Kariba in the form of a houseboat cruise. Three to four nights will have you re-energized and feel like a new person. It is by far the ultimate in relaxation when in Zimbabwe. In addition to the houseboat experience, you can easily add another night or two at the Lake. Lake Kariba is known for fishing and especially sports fishing. Besides catching tiger fish, you can also do canoeing, speed boating, and wakeboarding on the lake. In addition, you have plenty of game around the lake such as hippos and crocodiles.

  • Matusadona

    Home to the rare black rhino, Matusadona National Park is well worth spending a relaxed 2 to 3 nights. Pack you binoculars because here you're in for excellent birdwatching opportunities. Also, Matusadona National Park is home to all of the Big Five. Namely the lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and the black rhino.

  • And finally...

    And so it's the end of this journey. Harare is a mere 8 km from Matusadona National Park, making it ideal to leave from here for the airport. Alternatively, enjoy the last bit of Zimbabwe for a last evening in Harare. Restaurants such as Alo Alo and Amanzi (on 149 A2) is well worth dining at. Alo Alo Restaurant has a wonderful ambiance. They're in 10 Forest Road, Mount Pleasant, behind the Arundel Village Shopping Centre.

Zimbabwe: The Best 14-Day Itinerary
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The above itinerary is sufficient to cover 14 days and more, depending on your personal choice.

The Many Different Faces of Zimbabwe

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“Zimbabwe: The Best 14-Day Itinerary” is the ultimate safari tour. Tsamina mina zangalewa, ’cause this is Africa. Enjoy your trip!