Visit Yvoire in France

A Flowery medieval village

You’ll find the picturesque village of Yvoire, a small medieval town in the department of Haute-Savoie, in the southeastern French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, near Geneva.

One of the most beautiful villages to explore in France

The village is known as a ‘flowery medieval village’ – everywhere you look in summer there are flower boxes.  Beautiful happy and bright flower boxes adorn buildings everywhere.

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Is Yvoire worth visiting?

Most definitely yes !!!  (With exclamation marks.)  It is beautiful.  It is pretty.  And it is interesting.  There are loads to see and explore.  Yvoire should definitely be on your French travel itinerary.  It is one of those must-see, must-visit places in France.

The most beautiful and interesting little shops to explore, buildings decorated with flower pots in abundant colors, and pretty streets to explore while listening to birds singing loudly their happy song on peaceful afternoons…  Stone buildings, the beauty of nature intertwined with daily life and living…  Spending a lazy hour or two at an al fresco restaurant under the trees,…  all of these are reasons to visit.  You will not be disappointed.  It really is one of the most beautiful villages in France.  And yes, you might just fall in love

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When is the best time to go?

Late spring or early summer is a fabulous time to visit Yvoire.  (July, August, and September are good months to visit.)  August and September usually have fewer rainy days, while July and August are the hottest months according to statistics.

Travel tips:

  • Get your best walking shoes on and start walking.  This town offers a lot, and the best way to see it is on foot.
  • Take extra storage or set up cloud storage before you go.  This place will have you take thousands of photos.

What is special about Yvoire?

Apart from everything we’ve mentioned above, there is this spectacular surprise as you walk through the village:  From time to time, as you look down a street, you’ll have these unbelievable views over the crystal blue clear water of Lake Geneva almost hiding playfully behind buildings and town scenes, as a beautiful backdrop to many stunning photos.   Just waiting to be explored and appreciated.

Top 5 best things to do in Yvoire

1.  Yvoire is situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, therefore it is only right that we mention it first.  There are lovely restaurants with beautiful views of the lake.  Spend some time just taking in the beauty of nature.

2.  Visit the Garden of Five Senses (Jardin des Cinq Sens) for an amazing sensory walk.  The gardens are well worth a visit.

3.  Just walk – Oh my word there are beautiful scenes everywhere you look.  Just take the time to stroll through the streets of Yvoire and enjoy the beauty everywhere.

4.  You’ll find some of the cutest little shops in this town (lots and lots), and you need to make some time for shopping, and casually stroll through, just appreciating everything.  (Loved doing some window-shopping and buying some souvenirs.)

5.  Go on a boat trip out on the lake and see Yvoire from a different point of view… or take the passenger ferry between French Yvoire and Swiss Nyon (which operates year-round) and explore two countries in one day.

Instagram spot

During your boat trip or your walk through town, you’ll see the impressive Château d’Yvoire overlooking the lake.  Unfortunately the castle cannot be visited, but people love taking their Instagram photos here.  You’ll get the best views of the castle from the lake, at the intersection of Rue du Lac and Rue de la Liberté, or the top of the Garden of the Five Senses.

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