The wildlife (undomesticated animals) population has decreased by 68% since 1970, as reported by the 2020 World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Living Planet Report and its Living Planet Index measure.

The report is published every two years, and it goes without saying that one holds your breath for the next report in terms of the impact of the chains of extinction.

It is therefore within good reason that “Travel and Home” brings you the best wildlife photography with information about where to view these beautiful creatures. 


travelandhome echidna monotreme marsupialaustraliaanteater wildlife tasmania

Called the Spiny Anteater, also known as Echidnas, the shy short-beaked wildlife mammal is widespread across Australia. From deserts to rainforests,  alpine mountains and believe it not, even crossing rivers and swimming in beaches using their snouts like snorkels! In captivity, they can live up to 49 years. However, in the wild, they usually live up to 10 years.


travelandhome Camel resting on sand dunes

You can still go on an unforgettable camel ride in Egypt or in Qatar’s desert. Of course, in this case, they’re quite domesticated and no longer falls in the traditional wildlife description. But it’s one of those travel experiences from many travelers’ bucket lists.

Dall sheep

travelandhome Dall Sheep Ovis dalli ram Denali National Park Alaska USA

Scientifically known as Ovis dalli, are native to the rugged mountain ranges of Alaska.

The ram photographed above was spotted in Denali National Park near Fairbanks, Alaska. The females’ (ewes) horns are shorter and more slender. 

Probably North America’s premier spot to view Dall sheep is in the mountains east of Anchorage, home to more than 1,000 Dall sheep. They tend to loom over the busy highway south of Anchorage, Windy corner, perched on craggy faces and cliffs. For the best viewing walk up the Turnagain Arm Trail.

More viewing places include Chugach, Kenai, and Wrangell-St Elias.

Not to be mistaken as goats, they are by far one of the most spectacular mammals in the alpine regions.

The perfect gift

  • Enjoy stories from a local while driving along the scenic Seward Highway.
  • Take a cruise to Portage Glacier and gain some knowledge from your friendly guide.
  • Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre.
  • Drive high into the Chugach Mountains in a comfy, well-maintained vehicle with panoramic windows.

Eurasian lynx

travelandhome wildlife Eurasian lynx sisters experiencing their first snow Norway

This medium-sized wild cat is native to Scandinavia, i.e. Norway (usually excluding the west and southwestern parts) holds almost 25% and Sweden 75% of the Scandinavian population. It can meow and purr in typical cat fashion. They don’t roar like the “great cats”, namely lions, tigers, etc.

European Hedgehog

travelandhome The European hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus Bad Driburg Germany

You will see the wiry European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in Bad Driburg, Germany.

Gemsbok (Oryx gazelle)

travelandhome wildlife Gemsboks Oryx gazella in Namib desert Namib Naukluft National Park Namibia

Native to Africa’s dry plains, savanna, and deserts, you’ll find these large antelope with striking black markings on their faces when you travel Namibia.

  • In the wild, they get to live between 18 and 20 years.
  • They add to the wildlife by producing 1 calf during the birth season from August to September.

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Geoffroy's tamarin

travelandhome wildlife Geoffroys tamarin Saguinus geoffroyi Soberania National Park Monkey Island Panama

Scientifically known as Saguinus geoffroyi, this wildlife cutie-pie (they’re the most handsome of all new world primates) was spotted in the Soberania National Park, Monkey Island, Panama. Also known as the Panamanian, red-crested, or rufous-naped tamarin, the small monkey can also be seen in Colombia. They live in South and Central America’s deciduous forests and tropical rainforests. They’ll be watching over you from high up in the treetops!


travelandhome Giraffes wildlife African safari sunset Serengeti National Park Tanzania

You can view these fabulous and lofty animals in many beautiful destinations across our planet. However, at Serengeti in Tanzania, you get to experience Africa at its best!


Wildlife, Peru Machu Picchu Lama World Heritage Landscape UNESCO travelandhome

When you visit Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you’re likely to spot the inquisitive lamas. 


Botswana leopard Africa safari okavango delta TravelAndHome

In Africa‘s Okavango Delta, Botswana, these angry and agile animals are a photographer’s dream. 

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travelandhome wildlife Okapi Okapia johnstoni forest or Congolese giraffe Congo

This endangered wildlife mammal may look a bit confusing at first sight! The Okapi (Okapi johnstoni) forest or Congolese giraffe is native to the Ituri Rainforest in the Congo. Just like its giraffe cousin, it has 4 stomachs to help with the digestion of its plant-based diet. Also like its giraffe cousin, the Okapi has a long, dark tongue to strip the leaves from the branches. They enjoy being on their own and generally don’t prefer to be in big groups.

Prairie Dogs

travelandhome wildlife prairie dogs in warm supportive embrace York Maine USA

Called the “Chicken McNuggets of the grasslands” these two prairie dogs in a warm supportive embrace were spotted in Maine, USA. These small, chubby-looking mammals are cousins of the squirrels. Sadly their population on North America’s prairies and open grasslands has shrunk by more than 95%.

Red fox

travelandhome wildlife Laughing red fox in Iles de Boucherville National Park near Montreal Canada

A laughing red fox in Îles-de-Boucherville National Park in Québec near Montreal, Canada. Five islands form the island where you can also spot Black Bears and Raccoons (both are hibernating during the winter season).


travelandhome wildlife Male bull white rhino grazing in Kruger National park Marloth park South Africa

In South Africa’s Marloth Park and the Kruger National Park, you’ll still be able to catch a glimpse of the rare white Rhino.


travelandhome wildlife A large tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park Umaria Madhya Pradesh India

At Bandhavgarh National Park, Umaria, Madhya, Pradesh in India these large tigers are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

The brown-throated three-toed sloth

travelandhome Three toed sloth Costa Rica

The Three-toed sloth, with its perpetually smiling expression, is the slowest of our mammals. They are so slow that algae grow on their furry coats. The brown-throated species (Bradypus variegatus) occurs from Honduras to northern Argentina (central and South America).

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