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Researchers have found that you should fuel your soul with blue spaces and get some sand between your toes.

The key to a higher quality life

Nature based solutions (NBS) such as getting into nature is a sure way to boost your mood. 

People living at the cost tend to spend more time in “Blue Spaces” (natural surface waters) and are in general happier and healthier. Taking a long walk along the beach promotes human health and well-being. It is fuel for your soul and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How a walk on the beach can do you good.
Cape Agulhas in the Western Cape is the geographic southern tip of the African continent and the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Barcelona Institute for Global Health

Sixty people spent 20 minutes a day walking on the beach, or on city streets, or just resting indoors. The three groups were observed over a period of three weeks, and their health monitored. The small study did not show particular heart benefits. However, it was evident that those walking on the beach reported mood, vitality and mental health improvements.

Get out there

It is not possible to every person, but if you have the slightest opportunity, get our there. During the uncertain times we live in, taking a stroll on the beach is a natural remedy to improve your mental health. 

How a walk on the beach can do you good.
Lagoon Beach in Cape Town is well known for its view of Table Mountain and is a popular surfing spot.

Barefoot on the beach

How a walk on the beach can do you good.
Plettenberg Bay in the Eastern Cape hosts one of the largest seagull breeding colonies along the South African coast at the mouth of the Keurbooms River, named after the indigenous keurboom tree.

A walk on the beach may just be the cheapest form of medication you can get. Getting some sand between your toes can only be good for you!

  • A free foot massage is nothing to sneeze at. The combination of water and sand under your feet while you take a break, acts as a massage. Your feet will feel more relaxed from the motion which activates venous ad lymphatic circulation.
  • It is a great way to reduce stress.
  • A free exfoliate. The sand will do the job of a foot scrub, and exfoliate dead skin. 
  • A free vitamin D booster. If you walk during sunlight you get a free dose of vitamin D to fight depression, and helps to reduce weight loss. Vitamin D also helps to regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.
  • A calorie burner. Walking and jogging on sand burn more calories than walking on city streets.
  • Improved mental health. As we reconnect with the beauty of nature, we also tend to reconnect with our inner self and find new perspective on life.

Be prepared

Improve Mental Health
Struisbaai in the Western Cape.

Residents and holiday makers in Struisbaai has the benefit of the longest beach in the Southern Hemisphere which stretches for a total of 14 kilometres.

While walking barefoot in the sand is the key to a higher quality of life, it is also good to recognize that long distance walks must be prepared for.  To prevent shin splints or a sore tendon in your heel, you may opt for proper walking or running shoes. Also remember to apply sunscreen and to wear a hat against the damaging UV-rays

Now that you know how a walk on the beach can do you good, we wish you many happy walks!

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