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Q: How can I travel without leaving my house?

We all love traveling and we all love to see beautiful photos of places around the world.  Some of us have dreams of traveling that will come true, but unfortunately for some of us, it is simply not possible.  So this is not where the sad story ends, in fact, this is exactly where the fun begins.  With the help of technology, you can travel from home.  See the beautiful destinations around the world from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Explore new places without leaving the house.  Experience fabulous food from around the world, without the traveling cost.  This is how you travel from home:

How can I go to Paris without leaving my home?

First Stop

There are many options:  You can read travel blogs and experience the world through the eyes of others, read books, see a movie about your favorite destination, or you can make your own memories.  

Thanks to technology it is possible to take interactive virtual tours around the worldWhat does this mean?  Well, basically you will have your own private tour guide on the other side of your screen, showing you around and telling you all about the place that you love.  What is so cool about this (vs the normal travel videos) is that you get to ask questions, you can ask the guide more info, you can walk through shops and chat with other online travelers.  You’ll have the opportunity to book a private tour or “go as a group”.  The options are endless…and it is great fun.

You don’t need fancy technology !

…but some tours do have the option to go 3D should you wish.

Virtual Tours with 3D Travel and Home

The advantages of taking a virtual tour

  • It is “Wheelchair accessible“:  You don’t have to worry if you will be able to enter a building or public space because you will do the tour from the comfort of your own home.  No stairs and no uncomfortable spaces.
  • Stroller accessible:  Have a small baby and just don’t have the strength to drag that stroller along?  This is the perfect option and the baby is happy in his/her own bed.
  • Service animals allowed and pets as well:  You can take all the family “pet-children” along.  Get them all comfy during winter.  Snuggle up and explore together.  No more home alone or getting someone to housesit.
  • You’ll make new online friends:  As the sessions are interactive, you can book with a group and make new friends online.
  • No danger of heights:  No matter if you’re afraid of heights, with a virtual tour you can explore those “scary places”, which might not have been possible with your fear of heights.  (I know because many architects do not cater to people with a fear of heights.  Or you might have been dreaming of a trip to some beautiful mountain destination.  But now you can explore those places without being scared.)
  • Low cost traveling:  Don’t have the money to travel?  This is your perfect option then.  You save big time on traveling costs and can explore more places at super saver cost.
  • No fancy technology needed:  You don’t need 3D headsets (although some tours do have this option).  All you need is your phone or PC.  You book online (links below) and then sit back with your phone or computer at home.
  • See more travel destinations on a budget:  As you don’t have to physically travel to each destination and you save on travel costs, you can see more destinations.  You can book Europe, America, and Asia all in one weekend.  Now how is that for fun!

…and I can go on and on about the advantages of a virtual tour, but I think you get the message…  LOL

What are my options?

  • You can book a private tour.
  • You’ll have the option to join a “tour group” online.
  • Some of the virtual tours have the option of doing it with the assistance of a 3D virtual reality headset.  (That way you will feel as if you are actually there at that moment. Which is awesome.)
  • You can do just a normal virtual walking tour with a guide or take a virtual ‘in depth’ tour where you learn more about the culture (this is the more interactive option).
Another awesome idea is to book a virtual tour for the whole family.  That way, no matter where you are in the world, you can all go on the same tour (‘holiday’) and have fun together.  Maybe re-live those special family holiday memories together…

Search more than 2 200 virtual/online experiences.

Can I go to Milan without booking a flight?

The best part of virtual tours is that you can do a tour in the evening after work, or on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  Any free time you have, you can use it to go on virtual tours.

If you do, please use our links to access them – it will help us to bring you more fabulous ideas in the future.

How can I go to New York on a budget?

Here are just a few virtual tour options.  There are many more.  You can use this link to search for even more fabulous destinations to visit from the comfort of your own home.

Let's make it happen !

It is easy to book online

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