Welcome to Vevey – The home of Nestle Chocolate

Vevey, nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, is affectionately dubbed the “Pearl of the Swiss Riviera” for its breathtaking beauty.

This vibrant yet picturesque city is adorned with quaint vineyards intertwined throughout, offering enchanting vistas of the glistening lake.

Moreover, it holds the distinction of being the birthplace of milk chocolate, adding to its charm for potential visitors.

visit Vevey Switzerland home of Nestle Chocolate Headoffice

Walking along the Promenade

The promenade of Vevey is marked by a Charlie Chaplin statue and the view of a giant fork in the middle of the lake:  A popular photo spot in Vevey and a fantastic Instagram spot whenever you visit.

The Giant Fork

Designed by Jean-Pierre Zaugg in 1995 to commemorate the Alimentarium Food Museum’s 10th anniversary.  This 8 meters of sparkling stainless steel reflects the serenity of Lake Geneva and the surrounding landscape.

You can visit the museum.  The Alimentarium Food Museum is open to guided tours and culinary workshops and it is quite an experience.

vevey Fork

What is Vevey known for?

Vevey is known for 3 things:  T

It is the home of milk chocolate, there is a giant fork in the lake, and it was also the home of someone very special…

The Nestle Headquarters is in Vevey Switzerland.

The world headquarters of the international company Nestle (founded in 1867) is situated in Vervey. 

In 1875 milk chocolate was invented in Vevey by Daniel Peter with the aid of Henri Nestle. 

Here you will find the Nestle Company on the banks of the beautiful lake with the pristine backdrop of Vervey.

It is also known as the home of Charlie Chaplan

vevey charlie

The World of Charlie Chaplan

Charlie Chaplin was a British comedian, director, actor and writer. 

Now you can visit Chaplin’s World, on his former country estate, which is described as a “museum for laughing”.  Discover the life of Charlie Chaplin and his family and take a journey through the sets of his greatest films. 

There is also the beautiful Le Parc and The Tramp Café restaurant on site.  At the Boutiques you can buy souvenirs created exclusively for Chaplin’s World. 

Chaplin lived in Vevey from 1952 until his death in 1977.  (His last resting place is at Cimetiere de Corsier sur Vevey.)

Charlie Chaplan lived in Vevey Switzerland visit Chaplins World

Map of Vevey - Going to Chaplin's World

More Things to do in Vevey

  • Vevey is situated in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard terraces, which offer stunning views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps. Visitors can take scenic walks or bike rides through the vineyards, sample local wines at wineries, and learn about the region’s winemaking traditions.
  • The Musée Jenisch – dedicated to art on paper – with works by Dürer, Goya, Degas and Picasso.
  • The town is known for its folk markets (Marchés Folkloriques) where you can shop while listening to traditional Swiss folk music.
  • Visit the Musee l’Histoire de Vevey (Museum of history). 
  • Aile Castle – A Swiss heritage site and beautiful Castle
  • Swiss Camera Museum (Museum suisse de l’appareil photographique). 
  • Swiss Museum of Games (Musée suisse du jeu), Au Château
  • Obviously, in winter you can ski here and the snow-covered meadows on the foothills of the Alps are ideal for snow-shoe walks.  You can also take the Les Avants-Sonloup funicular up to a 2.3 km toboggan run.
  • In summer water sports, cycling, and hiking on the various paths are ideal outdoor activities.
  • The ‘AstroPléiades’ astronomical trail and observatory. Les Pléiades with stunning views across the Riviera, Lake Geneva, and the Alps.
  • Take the funicular railway to Chardonne and to Mont-Pèlerin for beautiful vistas.
  • There is also a ‘railway museum’ with steam locomotives and early electric railcars on the line between Blonay and Chamby. You can find the railway museum at the Chaulin-Chamby depot.

Things to do

You might also want to visit nearby Montreux, which has a statue of Freddy Mercury on the promenade… read more

International airport

The distance between Vevey and Montreux is 6 km but he closest International Airport would be Geneva International (GVA)

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