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Uzungol in Turkey


Uzungöl is another beautiful hidden gem to many people.  This beautiful valley nestled between lovely mountains looking out over the lake is definitely worth a visit.

Uzungöl (meaning Long lake), or Şeraho in the Romeyka language), is situated to the south of the city of Trabzon in Turkey. Uzungöl is also the name of the very pretty little village on the lake’s coast and it is only a short 1h30 min drive from Trabzon.  It is not big, but it is beautiful.  Especially if you love mountains and/or the combination of mountains and a pretty lake.  You almost get the feeling of Switzerland when you’re admiring the nature scenes.

How to get there

You’ll be flying into Trabzon Airport and from there hire a car to explore, taking the easy but scenic drive out to Uzungöl. 

What to expect and things to do

The area is famous for its natural beauty, so don’t expect skyscrapers and shopping malls.  Here you’ll find a number of hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops, just enough to keep you entertained.  I think spending one or two nights (at the most) here would be ample to explore the beautiful nature, as there isn’t really a lot more to do.  The village does offer loads of entertainment (like play-parks) for kids, so this little family getaway is really nice.  You can relax en enjoy some peace and quiet, while the kids have a great time.

Uzungöl Mosque

Probably the most iconic Instagram photo spot in the region.  Especially if you get a photo with a few from over the lake towards the Mosque. (Which you can easily do from the other side of the road around the lake.)

Family nature hikes

There are many pathways/walkways you can follow to enjoy a family day out in the open air.  Climb your way up the stairs to the Viewing Platform for beautiful photo opportunities.


Although we at first, thought this was quite a secret hidden gem, it is actually a very touristy spot.  You’ll find lots of little souvenir shops to browse.

Uzungol Trabzon Beautiful places in Turkey

Where is the famous Uzungöl Swing? (Swings in Turkey)

You can get a beautiful Instagram photo on a huge swing with the lake as a backdrop.   There is however more than one swing.  If you’re looking for beautiful views, the red heart-shaped swing in Uzungöl can be found just outside the Kar Hotel up on a hill overlooking the lake.

The uzungol swing in Turkey

Accommodation in Uzungöl / Where to stay

Travel Tip:  Booking accommodation in a 4-star hotel is a good idea.

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