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Most beautiful umbrella streets in the world - Where are they?

Umbrella streets around the world

No, it’s not Mary Poppins, but it was inspired by her…

What is it about the colourful streets filled with rainbow coloured umbrellas

We love it!  It just captures the imagination and maybe brings back a little bit of fun and excitement, often unsuspectedly, to an otherwise, regular day.  Or is it that surprise when you walk around a street corner and suddenly you’re greeted by this spectacular sight… 

Well, I don’t know, all I can say is that I just love it.  This craze all over the world is a huge favorite with Instagram Photo Spot Seekers.  So we’ve decided to compile a list of places around the world where you can find these umbrella streets.  Most of them (almost all of them) have pretty little street cafes, where you can just sit and relax (maybe after a morning of sightseeing) to rest your tired feet.

Most frequently asked questions:  Where are the streets with the umbrellas?  Where can I find umbrella streets?  Where to find the streets with colorful umbrellas?

Answer:  Here is a list of umbrella streets around the world:

  • 1. Avignon, France 
  • 2. Siófok, Hungary
  • 3. Bucharest, Romania
  • 4. Timisoara, Romania
  • 5. Brno, Czech Republic
  • 6. Vernazza, Italy
  • 7. Ferrara, Italy 
  • 8. Agueda, Portugal 
  • 9. Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 10.Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • 11.Athens, Greece
  • 12.Amman, Jordan
  • 13.Kaleici, Turkey
  • 14.Antalya, Turkey
  • 15.Sardinia, Italy
  • 16.Quebec, Canada 
  • 17.Warsaw, Poland
  • 18.Rouen, France
  • 19.Cartagena, Colombia
Ferrara Umbrella Street Italy
Ferrara Umbrella Street Italy
Umbrella Street in Antalya Turkey
Umbrella Street in Antalya Turkey
Umbrella Street Avignon France
Umbrella Street Avignon France
Umbrella streets where to find them

20. Novigrad, Croatia

21. Tlaquepaque, Mexico 

22. Syros, Greece

23. Miami, Florida

24. Dublin, Ireland

25. Belgrade, Serbia

26. Zabbar, Malta

27. Malang, Indonesia

28. Ipoh, Malaysia

29. Port Louis, Mauritius

30. Abu Dhabi, UAE

31. Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

32. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

33.  Liverpool, United Kingdom

Umbrellas in Liverpool UK
Umbrellas in Liverpool UK

To find the exact location, you can just contact the local tourist centre of the specific town or city you are visiting.  Some cities change the location at times, so it is best to get the information first hand.

If you have visited any of them, please share photos on our Facebook Chat Group, and maybe you can add a few extra places to our list, as the streets are growing by the day… 

Some of them are part of the Umbrella Sky project (Whose motto is Coloring life, bringing color to gray spaces, and making people smile!).  This project was started in Águeda in the year 2012. 

We just love it and hope it stays forever and ever…