Ever wondered why people love traveling?  Does travel help us in any way?  Is it good for you to travel?  Will traveling the world make a difference in my life? 

Traveling actually holds many health benefits to us.  It is good to have a change in scenery every now and then.

Is traveling good for your mental health?

Although some travel experiences (like fighting children in the back seat) could have left you with high stress levels in the past, traveling actually lowers your stress levels.  

Focus on those special moments: 

  • Spent at the fishing water
  • Or floating in a gentle river
  • Moments when you’re just sitting and staring out over the water:  just being in the moment
  • Time spend with family laughing while making holiday lunch at the beach house
  • Having fun at the pool or beach
  • Hiking in nature’s beauty somewhere magical
  • No deadlines
  • And no worries

That is what makes traveling special. 

A change of scenery, while discovering and enjoying new places also gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Therefore traveling to new destinations is the perfect way to look after your own mental health.

So the answer is yes, because you de-stress and you discover and learn new things, which has a very positive influence on your mental health

Traveling benefits for depression: traveling is great for people who have depression.  From the very first bit of planning your trip and then actually getting to that exiting destination gives you something to look forward to. (There is always a next trip, and another one, and another one.  Doesn’t have to be far.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  But looking forward to your next adventure is what makes life fun.)

Traveling make us feel good

Many times I have spent hours and hours in traffic on my way to work.  Often wishing I could rather be going on a holiday at that very moment.

Our daily lives and stressful situations at the office often take the fun out of everyday living.  But we must work to eat. (Well most of us – LOL).  Just taking a few days to travel to an unexpected destination or enjoying an old favorite holiday spot, can help us to cope again with life’s demands.

If you’re not able to travel right at the moment:  Start making a list of all the ‘happy places’ you would like to visit in future.  It might be the next neighboring town or just another province, or maybe that magical feel good overseas travel destination.  This will already lift your mood.

You might say one of the traveling benefits is having a happy heart.

Does traveling make you happy?

If you ever wondered, the answer is “Yes.  Going to a beautiful place, maybe one you’ve been dreaming of for years, is awesome.  You’ll learn new stuff, even if it is just to navigate around a new country (which can be a lot of fun).  Also you’ll experience new adventures (of your choice) and you might experience new cultures.  Often experiencing new vibrant cultures brings laughter back to your life.  Or it might help you “find yourself” again.  Ever watched the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ with Julia Roberts?

Anxiety when traveling

It is normal for some people to feel a certain amount of anxiety before traveling.  I have found myself often worried about all the things that might go wrong…instead of enjoying the very moment.  And that is the secret.  Enjoy the current moment: The ‘here’ and ‘now’.  (Don’t think ahead:  Live in the now.)

It is easy for people to give advise like ‘be aware of your surroundings’ or ‘familiarize yourself with security steps’.  In my opinion this is often exactly what you don’t want to hear.

If you’ve booked a holiday package with a trusted operator, you have no worries.  You can sit back and relax.  On the other hand, if you made your own arrangements, you can trust your own ability because you have a checklist.  (Follow the basic 3-step easy checklist.  Add what is important to you.  Tick off as you go and when done relax.)

Important to remember is, should something change, or not fall 100% into place as you’ve planned; see it as part of the adventure.  Laugh and learn from the experience.  (For example if you get lost, see it as part of the experience to get to know the village, town or city.  But also important is to tell this to yourself before you go.  Get your mindset right.)

Furthermore talk to your doctor before traveling.  There are loads of natural options available to help alleviate stress and anxiety when going on a holiday. 

And lastly but certainly not the least.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Nowadays there are so many options available for help.  Even a friendly FB group can sometimes give you valuable information if you only ask.  And as a bonus traveling benefit, you can make new friends or #travelbuddies.  We have a group available…

So what is the Easy 3 step checklist:

Remember;  You’ve dreamt and planned for a while, so you know exactly what you want.

  • STEP 1:  Documentation – Phone, Read, Ask:  And place everything in one easy travel folder. Print out everything you need, make copies of ID’s and Passports etc.
  • STEP 2: Book your transport.  Easily done with the links at the top of our pages.  Giving you the option to search, compare and book the cheapest flights easily online.  You can also book any airport transfers or car hire in the same easy way.  (Remember some hotel bookings include transfers, so then you might not need to book anything.)
  • STEP 3:   Accommodation – Also something you can book easily, from here, online.  No worries at all and you have a huge choice between HotelLook and Booking.com’s links.
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