Kid-Friendly Travel Tips and Ideas

Traveling with toddlers and kids of all ages can be an easy and fun family holiday.  We help with some travel tips and tricks. Let’s plan your holiday and book the best places.

We prefer planning and arranging our own holidays.  Not working through a travel agent and paying extra on anything; as we are always looking for the cheapest and most cost-effective way to travel. 

Previously we wrote about some very useful inside info travel tips, and now again we are going to share some ideas on family traveling with kids.

An easy way to plan and book a family holiday that will keep the kids entertained as well is to book “packages”.  

For example ‘Family Tours and Trips‘ that include sightseeing or ‘Family Adventure Holidays’ (for kids a bit older).

Traveling on a budget

For tips on how to book the cheapest flights in Europe, read How To Get Cheaper Flights. You’ll also get some insight into destinations that are not so expensive to travel to.  But these are only a few options, as there are many more “not so expensive” destinations or budget-friendly ideas. For example how to visit Switzerland on a budget – there are some awesome cost-saving ideas.

Also, see Viators’ Best Budget Travel Tour Packages.

Keeping busy

Keeping kids busy while at your dream holiday destination might sound tricky, but actually it is not so difficult.  Many of the hotels and resorts offer services where they entertain the kids while you enjoy relaxed time at the pool.  Should you be going on a self-catering trip, we have ideas for how to keep the family busy during rainy days.

Many of our dream destinations offers well maintained and beautiful fun play parks for toddlers:  This is especially true for Switzerland.  Other destinations might have beautiful promenades and town parks, where you can go for a walk and it will cost you nothing extra.  (We often include “things to do” ideas in our destination-articles.)

Keeping them entertained and comfortable is key.  Here are a few travel essential ideas that makes life much easier for kids and parents:

Discover Unique Kid-Friendly places to stay around the world

So how do you plan your own trip

We give you a few helpful and fantastic options:

Firstly, booking your own family-friendly accommodation:

Check for places that offer child-friendly activities.  Maybe your family would love a destination with a swimming pool or one with views of the beach right from your apartment.  Easily book family and kid-friendly accommodation.  

Then should you need to book a flight, remember that flying during the night is much easier with kids.  Especially on longer trips when they can sleep during the night.  Check for cheap flights.

Family Holiday Beach

Plan night time relaxation

Comfort at night is often, for smaller kids, having something familiar so remember to pack that special blanket or soft toy.

Download movies in advance, if you’re staying in self catering option.  Hotels usually have many kiddy tv channels to entertain at night.

Family Holiday Soft Toy

Plan day Activities that are interesting for kids

Walking through a museum is not always on the top of the list for toddlers.  So keep in mind when booking fun activities, that you want “stress free” activities.

Our best tip is to book family friendly activities with a trusted tour operator.

Keep a lookout for activities that might include things like “a carriage ride”, “pizza making”, “gelato or ice cream tastings”, etc.  A promise of something nice to come during a tour is always a good incentive.

Here are some examples:


Ideas on holiday activities that are Kids Friendly