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The Best Source of Travel And Recipe Books - Buy & FREE

No matter how much the world goes paperless, printed travel and recipe books remain one of the best gifts to give. They not only make for great reading the old-fashioned way but can be a great coffee table accessory. I’ve found that when a conversation goes a bit slow, a coffee table book can turn the room to life.

That said, there sure is a place for digital books. Like when you’re on holiday!

So, with all those considerations in mind, I’ve put together some of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Editor’s Picks: 

I fell in love with The Amalfi Coast: A Collection of Italian Recipes. It is an outstanding gift idea because it’s not just about recipes but comes with all kinds of interesting anecdotes about the Amalfi region. 

Secondly, the Authentic Portuguese Cooking book is exactly what the title says, and more.  Experience the unique paradise of Portugal without setting foot on a plane with these classic Mediterranean -style recipes.

Great Holiday Reads

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With over 3,000 free kindle books, there is a lot to pick from. Thrillers, romance, comedy, travel, and recipes are only a few genres. There are many more.

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