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Tina Turner Costume Party: Get Ready to Rock!

Unleash your inner Tina Turner at the most fabulous costume party! Discover decoration and activity ideas to make your event unforgettable. Let’s dance, sing, and celebrate the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

parallel between a Tina Turner costume party and Küsnacht, Switzerland

Celebrate Tina Turner's Iconic Journey and the Comfort of Home

At ‘Travel and Home‘ we enjoy finding hidden gems such as Küsnacht, Switzerland. And, as you know by now, we love bringing the energy home. Thus, the synergy behind Travel and Home.  Through posts like this and previous features on Elvis Presley, we embrace the wanderlust of travel while cherishing the comforts and joys of home that anchor us in a world full of possibilities.

At first glance, it may seem challenging to draw a parallel between a Tina Turner costume party and Küsnacht, her last place she called home in Switzerland. However, upon closer examination, there are a few fascinating connections that can be made, showcasing the unique aspects of both the party and Küsnacht:

Just like a Tina Turner costume party, Küsnacht exudes an unforgettable energy. Tina Turner’s vibrant performances and dynamic stage presence captivated audiences around the world, leaving an indelible mark on music history. Similarly, Küsnacht, with its picturesque location on Lake Zurich, offers a breathtaking natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and residents alike.

A Tina Turner costume party allows guests to transform themselves into the iconic singer, donning extravagant costumes and embodying her signature style. In a similar vein, Küsnacht underwent its own transformation when Tina Turner made it her home. The village, already renowned for its charm and elegance, gained an added touch of glamour with the presence of an international music superstar.

Tina Turner’s career was built on celebrating individuality, resilience, and empowerment. A Tina Turner costume party echoes this spirit, encouraging guests to embrace their unique selves and express their creativity. Küsnacht, with its diverse community and inclusive atmosphere, embodies the same values, promoting individuality and fostering a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Tina Turner’s music and personality radiated warmth and joy, creating a bond with her fans. Similarly, Küsnacht embraces visitors and residents with its warm hospitality. The community is known for its friendly residents, welcoming spirit, and a sense of community that makes everyone feel at home.

While a Tina Turner costume party may be lively and energetic, Küsnacht offers a serene and tranquil environment. Nestled amidst beautiful landscapes and scenic views, Küsnacht provides a sense of peace and relaxation, providing the perfect backdrop for reflection and rejuvenation.

While seemingly different at first, a parallel can be drawn between a Tina Turner costume party and Küsnacht in Switzerland. Both embody elements of energy, transformation, a celebration of individuality, warmth, and tranquility. Whether through the dynamic atmosphere of the party or the serene beauty of Küsnacht, both offer unique experiences that leave a lasting impact on those who encounter them.

Get Inspired by Tina Turner: Decoration Ideas for Your Costume Party

So, now that you know what inspired me to bring Küsnacht into our home, let’s dive into the 80s with Tina Turner.

Transform Your Venue with 80s Glam and Vibrant Colors

First things first, we need to transform the party venue into a Tina Turner extravaganza. Picture this: a vibrant explosion of color, energy, and 80s glam. 

Color options that will capture the essence of Tina Turner

For a Tina Turner costume party, a color theme that reflects her vibrant and energetic persona will be most appropriate. Remember, the color theme must enhance the overall atmosphere of the party and complement the energy and style of Tina Turner. So, choose colors that make a statement and get everyone ready to dance the night away in true Tina fashion! Here are a few color options:

  • Bold and Dazzling: This is my personal favorite Tina Turner color scheme… Incorporate shades of gold, silver, and black into your color scheme. These colors evoke a sense of glamour, elegance, and showmanship, just like Tina herself. 
  • Fiery Red: Red is a color that symbolizes passion, power, and energy. It’s also a hue that Tina often rocked on stage. Use red as an accent color through tablecloths, napkins, or decorations to bring an extra punch of intensity to your party.
  • Sparkling Silver and Purple: Silver and purple are colors associated with royalty and extravagance. Incorporate these hues into your decorations, such as table runners, balloons, or banners, to create a regal and eye-catching ambiance.
  • Flashy Disco: Take inspiration from the disco era and go all out with a color palette of vibrant and shimmering hues. Think bold neon colors like pink, blue, green, and yellow, reminiscent of the flashy lights and disco balls that lit up the dance floors of the 80s.
  • Dynamic Black and White: Keep it classic and stylish with a black and white color scheme. This combination represents timeless elegance and allows the focus to be on the guests’ fabulous costumes and dance moves.

Start by draping shimmery fabrics and curtains in shades of gold, silver, and purple across the walls and ceilings. 

Hang disco balls and mirror balls around the room to reflect dazzling light in every direction.

Need I say more? A Tina Turner poster at the front door is a must!

Next, let’s focus on the centerpieces. Find some funky vintage vinyl records and place them on each table, alongside small bouquets of wildflowers. If you can’t lay your hands on fresh wildflowers, then opt for artificial wildflowers.

Another substitute tip is to buy vinyl record party garlands which you can hang or cut the strings and used them as coasters.

Include some framed pictures of the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll herself, Tina Turner, as a tribute to her incredible career.

  • DIY: Use old photo frames that are not in use, print a few Tina Turner photos, put them in the frames, and display where it catches the eye! 

Scatter sequins and confetti all over the tables for that extra touch of sparkle.

Add one or two scatter pillows. If you’re not about to host another Tina Turner party in the near future, why not give the Tina Turner pillows as prizes?  Talk about creating lasting memories!

Yes, it’s a bit pricey but one or two mugs will also add to the ambiance. You decide!

Dance-Offs and Lip-Sync Battles: Activities to Channel Your Inner Tina

Now, onto the activities! It wouldn’t be a Tina Turner party without some seriously epic dance-offs. Set up a designated dance floor with a disco ball hanging right above it, and blast Tina Turner’s greatest hits all night long. Encourage everyone to channel their inner Tina and show off their best moves.

You can even arrange a lip-sync battle where guests can compete to see who can nail Tina’s iconic dance routines and powerful vocals. And it is at this stage of the party that you can use the scatter pillows (as mentioned earlier) as prizes for the best Tina performance.

Strike a Pose: Photo Booth Fun and Costume Contest

Guests can strike their best Tina-inspired poses and take home some memorable snapshots from the night. And here you have another opportunity to create a contest for the most convincing Tina Turner look-alike!

To add a touch of nostalgia, set up a photo booth area with props like Tina Turner-style wigs, feather boas, and oversized sunglasses. 

Tina Turner had the most hits and achieved her greatest success in the 1980s. The 80s marked a significant comeback for her as a solo artist after her separation from Ike Turner.  Therefore, it’s fitting to have props from the same era. Let your guests’ creativity flow to create the perfect selfies.

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Dress Up and Costume Contest

Finally, don’t forget to organize a costume contest. Encourage guests to go all out and embrace their inner Tina. From wild wigs to dazzling sequined dresses, the possibilities are endless. Offer some fun prizes for the best costumes, such as Tina Turner albums or movie DVDs, and let the fashion show begin!

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This is what I do...

OK, so if you’re going to get a snazzy wig, know you’ll have all eyes on your new look! And, you don’t want that new look to slide off your head, do you? These are my secret tips (I know right, they’re now not so secret anymore) for keeping your wig in place!

I have long hair, so the featured hair net is what I use. However, you get hair nets for short hair too.

Once I’ve evenly spread my hair out inside the net, I use the band to seal the deal, so to speak. And there you have it. No worries about my hair falling off!

Sing Like a Rockstar: Karaoke Station with Tina Turner Hits

To keep the party going strong, set up a karaoke station where guests can belt out their favorite Tina Turner songs. From “Proud Mary” to “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” there’s no shortage of incredible tunes to choose from. And hey, even if you’re not the next Tina Turner, it’s all about having fun and letting loose!

The 16-song collection is usually sufficient, but there is more. If you want more visual content added to the party, go for the Tina Turner Dvd + CD by Partytime Karaoke. Featuring Private Dancer, this is a great buy.

Now as far as karaoke goes, you can get some super expensive karaoke stations. But, I want the karaoke station to blend in with the theme, and what better selection than the ALPOWL karaoke machine

I used it for my Elvis costume party– That said, red was also a color frequently used by Tina Turner! 


The point of giving party favors is to show appreciation and gratitude to the guests for attending and celebrating with you. Party favors serve as a token of thanks, a memento that guests can take home to remember the special occasion. 

Party favors can act as keepsakes, reminding guests of the fun and enjoyment they had at the party. They provide a tangible reminder of the event and can evoke positive memories whenever they are seen or used.

Giving party favors extends the experience beyond the event itself. It allows guests to take a piece of the celebration home with them, prolonging the enjoyment and reminiscing about the good times they had.

Eat & drink

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a menu inspired by the one and only Tina Turner! Just like her electrifying performances, this party menu will be packed with bold flavors, soulful dishes, and a touch of international flair. 

  • Proud Mary Prawns: Kick off the party with succulent grilled prawns marinated in a zesty Cajun seasoning, just like the fiery energy of Tina’s iconic hit “Proud Mary.”
  • Nutbush Tacos: Pay homage to Tina’s roots with these delicious Nutbush-inspired tacos. Fill them with spicy pulled pork, tangy coleslaw, and a drizzle of smoky barbecue sauce.
  • Simply the Best Soulful Sliders: These mini beef sliders with caramelized onions, melted cheese, and a special homemade sauce will have your guests singing their praises, just like Tina’s timeless anthem, “Simply the Best.”
  • River Deep, Mountain High Salad: A vibrant salad bursting with fresh flavors and textures. Combine mixed greens, roasted beets, tangy goat cheese, candied pecans, and a zingy balsamic dressing to create a salad that reaches great heights, just like Tina’s powerful vocals in “River Deep, Mountain High.”
  • Private Dancer Jerk Chicken Skewers: Bring the heat to your party with tender and juicy jerk chicken skewers. Marinated in a fiery blend of spices, these flavorful bites will have your guests dancing and grooving all night long.
  • Golden Eye Crostini: These elegant crostini are topped with creamy herbed ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and a sprinkle of gold flakes. They’re a luxurious and glamorous appetizer, just like Tina herself in her famous Bond theme song, “GoldenEye.”
  • Steamy Windows Vegetable Stir-Fry: A colorful and vibrant stir-fry loaded with crisp vegetables tossed in a savory soy-ginger sauce. It’s a dish that will make your taste buds dance and your windows steam up, just like Tina’s sultry hit, “Steamy Windows.”
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It Chocolate Truffles: Indulge your sweet tooth with these decadent chocolate truffles infused with a hint of espresso or liqueur. They’re a sweet treat that will have your guests singing, “What’s Love Got to Do with It” while savoring every bite.
  • Nutbush City Limits Peach Cobbler: Finish off the evening with a classic southern dessert. Serve warm peach cobbler with a buttery biscuit topping, just like the comforting flavors of Tina’s hometown, Nutbush.

From classic cocktail favorites to creative concoctions, these drinks will bring an extra dose of flair to your Tina Turner costume party:

  • Nutbush Martini: Pay tribute to Tina’s hometown with a Nutbush Martini. Mix vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and a splash of lime for a refreshing and fruity cocktail that will have everyone dancing.

  • Proud Mary Margarita: Shake things up with a Proud Mary Margarita. Combine tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and a touch of spicy jalapeno syrup for a zesty and invigorating drink that embodies Tina’s boldness.

  • Simply the Best Sangria: Create a pitcher of Simply the Best Sangria to share with your guests. Mix red wine, brandy, orange liqueur, and a medley of fresh fruits like oranges, berries, and apples. It’s a crowd-pleasing drink that will have everyone singing along.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Raspberry Mojito: Get the party rocking with a Rock ‘n’ Roll Raspberry Mojito. Muddle fresh raspberries, mint leaves, lime juice, and simple syrup. Add rum and club soda for a vibrant and lively cocktail that packs a punch.

  • Private Dancer Paloma: Shake things up with a Private Dancer Paloma. Combine tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, and a splash of sparkling water for a bright and effervescent drink that will have your guests moving and grooving.

  • Golden Eye Champagne Cocktail: Raise a glass of elegance with a Golden Eye Champagne Cocktail. Pour champagne into a flute, add a splash of orange liqueur, and garnish with a twist of lemon. It’s a glamorous and celebratory drink that pairs perfectly with the night’s festivities.

  • Steamy Windows Whiskey Sour: Add a touch of smokiness with a Steamy Windows Whiskey Sour. Mix bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and a hint of cherry liqueur for a cocktail that’s as smooth as Tina’s soulful voice.

  • What’s Love Got to Do with It Cosmopolitan: Put a twist on a classic with a What’s Love Got to Do with It Cosmopolitan. Shake vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice, and orange liqueur for a vibrant and flirtatious cocktail that will have your guests singing along.

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Wrapping it up

So there you have it! With these party decoration and activity ideas, your Tina Turner costume party is bound to be an absolute blast. Remember, it’s all about celebrating Tina’s incredible talent, energy, and style. Get ready to roll, shimmy, and shake like the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll herself. Let’s make this a night to remember!