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The Hague is famous for and often referred to as being the “city of peace and justice” or the “cultural treasure chest“.  Furthermore is this the city that is home to the Dutch Royal Family.  The Hague has so much to offer for the world traveler.  From stunning architecture, to culinary experiences, history, the old and the new, shopping and so much more.  The Hague is definitely a destination that deserves its place on your travel bucketlist and it is definitely worth a visit.

Although it is not the capital of Holland it is a beautiful and big coastal city in the South Holland province.  Home to the Government and Royal Palaces.

So this coastal city, if you love the beach, offers you Scheveningen Beach which has an amazing pier.  The beach can be reached by tram or bike (approx. a 20 min. bike ride) from the city center.  A lovely beach to spend a few hours.

Furthermore the city is just filled with the most beautiful historical buildings.  Stunning architecture dating back to the 13th century.  The Old City and pedestrian zone is definitely some of the places to check out.

Den Haag Lange Vijverberg Nederland
Pier Scheveningen Strandweg Den Haag Nederland

How to get there

The Hague is only a 15 minute train ride from Delft and Leiden.  There are two train stations:  Centraal and Hollands Spoor Stations.

Nearest Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (formerly Rotterdam AirportVliegveld Zestienhoven in Dutch), (RTM) is an international airport serving Rotterdam and The Hague.

Grote Kerk Den Haag
Grote Kerk Den Haag
Madurodam Netherlands
Madurodam Netherlands
Riddersaal The Hague Den Haag Netherlands
Riddersaal, The Hague

Popular places to see

The peace Palace (Vredespaleis) houses the International Court of Justice.  A guided tour is really a good idea.

Mauritshuis – This Royal Picture Gallery features works by Rembrandt, Vermeer & Holbein the Younger.

Grote Kerk – Together with the Binnenhof, it is one of the oldest buildings in The Hague.


Madurodum is a miniature version of the Netherlands and is great fun for the young and old.  Take your time to enjoy the park.  It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in The Hague.


  • There are a lot of museums, like the Louwman Museum, a privately owned car collection.  Here you will find a car in the shape of a swan (yes you better believe it), as well as the James Bond 1964 Thunderbird from the movie Goldfinger.

The Courtyard (Binnehof)

  • Binnehof (Courtyard / The Parliament Building) houses the meeting place of both houses of the States General of the Netherlands, as well as the Ministry of General Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.  It is open to the public.
  • Here at the Binnehof, you’ll find the beautiful Ridderzaal (Hall of the knights), which is the main building of the 13th-century inner square of the former castle.  You can easily mistake it to be a church.  Really beautiful.

World War II history stops:

Furthermore The Hague offers shopping to the max.

Things to do in The Hague

You can visit the above places on your own, but going on a guided tour is my favorite option.  However, you really miss out on the information and history behind every place if you go on your own.  The guides give you a whole lot of info and this way it is much more fun.  I would definitely recommend going on the guided tours.

Shopping in The Hague

The city offers a huge variety of shopping experiences.  From old town cobblestone streets to modern and beautiful shopping centers.  

Venestraat and Prinsestraat are favorite shopping streets amongst locals.  Prinsestraat is one of the most charming streets and leads to the Palace gardens (Paleistuin), which is free and open to the public.  You’ll find lots of green spaces in the city with beautiful gardens to enjoy.

Lange Voorhout Park is where the food festivals are hosted and it is definitely worth a stop when you’re there.

Another place to stop if you love art is the Noordeinde shopping lane with its many art shops and galleries.  Noordeinde is a high-end shopping area with lots of boutiques and galleries.

The Hague Netherlands Road Signs

The Passage

A definite must-see shopping place is The Passage.  Dating back to the late 19th century this beautiful enclosed shopping mall with its almost Paris-like style is just jaw-dropping beautiful.  In 1885 it was declared a UNESCO monument and today it is still definitely a show stopper.  It now also has a new modern addition so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Getting around

In our opinion the street signs are very clear and you can really enjoy the sight-seeing without worrying about where you are the whole time.

The best way to see the city is to buy your Public Transport Day Card.  (See link above at “Things to do”.)  This card lets you use the public transport all day long without the need to carry cash with you.  The public transport system is safe and easy to use.

However this is the city of the bicycles.  Everywhere you look you’ll find people on bicycles and it is one of the best ways to explore the city.

Booking a Ready-made Holiday Package

…is the best idea ever.  This will give you the opportunity to see and experience the best of the Netherlands.  

You can combine tours or book a tour and then spend some extra days on your own to explore more.

Eat and Drink

Plaats Square is the hotspot to visit.  Here you’ll find many restaurants, bars and cafes in all price ranges.

The Hague Market is the place to shop for cheese (Kaas).

Grote Markt Plaza – has an active nightlife scene and comes alive in the evening with bars and restaurants, which is very popular with both locals and tourists.

Binnehof Den Haag Nederland

If ever you get “lost” or need to know something, just ask the locals.  They are very friendly and eager to assist.

Best time to visit / How much time to spend

The best time to visit The Hague in The Netherlands is from May to October.

You can do a visit to the city in two days and see almost everything, but I would recommend spending at least 3 days.

Where to stay

Popular accommodation options in The Hague.

Beachfront accommodation in The Hague.