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Storms River Mouth: Dive into adventure!

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Discover the breathtaking beauty and adrenaline-pumping excitement of Storms River Mouth. Immerse yourself in a world of towering cliffs, crashing waves, and heart-pounding adventures that will leave you speechless. Get ready to explore the ultimate coastal paradise!

Breathtaking scenery

South Africa is an amazingly beautiful country to explore and from the north to the south, you will find breathtaking scenery that words cannot describe.   One such place is the magnificent Storms River Mouth and if you have not been there before, make sure it is on your bucket list. Whether you want to enjoy nature, history, bird watching, walking trails, canoeing or reading on your veranda, Storms River Mouth will cater for all your needs.

Suspension bridge over Storms River Mouth Tsitsikamma National Park East Cape South Africa

The Storms River Village is a quaint village that has a long history.

In 1879 the now-famous pass builder Thomas Bain first surveyed the area known as Zitzikama and by 1884 the pass through the Storms River gorge was completed and the village of Storms River surveyed and laid out.

To travel across the impressive gorge, Thomas Bain followed, in many places, the trail of ancient elephants that had centuries earlier navigated a way across the ravine. Today we can still in places see the remains of these ancient trails and admire the courage of the elephants and the determination of Thomas Bain and his people.

As the years went by, and the forests of Storms River began to take a heavy toll via the axe of woodcutters, the State decided to step in and begin the preservation of these gorgeous trees.

Storms River Mouth and Village

Today Storms River Village is a little town full of activity with a very special ambience and feel, where one may wander through the streets where elephants once roamed, admire the giant forest trees where once woodcutters rested in their shade and enjoy a cool drink at one of the restaurants.

The Storms River Rest Camp is known as the “the place of much water”, and stretches some 5km to sea, protecting and displaying a wonderland of marine life, a photographic and marine lovers paradise!

The family-friendly rest camp is a place where dolphins cheerfully play in the breakers, and the gentle giants of the ocean, the southern right whale, make their annual migration, coming inshore to breed.

The luscious canopied landscapes of green trees are the setting for the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp. Where the booming breakers of the Indian Ocean relentlessly pound rocky shores, where fynbos roll down to the sea in an unspoilt carpet, where ancient rivers carve their paths to the ocean down rocky ravines, you will find your peace.

Storms River Village
Folded rock at Storms River Mouth
Folded rock at Storms River Mouth

Things to do and see

But if peace-and-quiet is not for you, there is a wide variety of entertainment – canoeing, bungee jumping trips are made to the nearby Bloukrans River bridge daily, the highest bungee jump fall in the world, as well as abseiling and climbing, hiking loops, mountain biking trails, tractor-trailer rides and 4 x 4 trails, and stunning treetop tours, where guests can soak in the gorgeous surrounds of this amazing one-of-a-kind natural area.

The many walking trails may reward you with experiencing some of the local wildlife like dassies, dolphins, Cape Clawless Otter, duiker, bushbuck, the famous Knysna Loerie, the African Black oystercatcher and the ubiquitous baboons.

Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge that hangs over the foamy waters of the Storms River Mouth spans 77 metres and remains one of the most popular tourist attractions. It hangs just seven metres above the churning waters of the river as it enters the Indian Ocean.

The walk leading to the suspension bridge covers 900 metres of the Tsitsikamma forest. There are plenty of steps to negotiate, but it remains a fairly easy route, particularly if covered slowly. The walk is well worth the magnificent views and there are several lookout points and places to have a seat and rest while enjoying the birds and the views. Standing on this dramatic piece of engineering, enables you to take in the unspoilt surrounding beauty.

Don’t miss out on this, one of South Africa’s nature gems.

The suspension bridge in Tsitsikamma National Park
The suspension bridge in Tsitsikamma National Park

Get ready to be amazed because the bungy jump near the Storms River Mouth is a whopping 216 meters (709 feet) high!

Yep, you read that right – that’s like jumping off a skyscraper! This jump is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. It’s the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge, so when you take that leap, you’re not just conquering your fears; you’re also setting a new standard for epic adventure. If you’re up for an adrenaline rush that’s literally out of this world, this is the jump for you!

Whether you get a taste of that awesome ocean water during your bungy jump near the Storms River Mouth depends on a few things.

First off, your weight – gravity’s got some say in this! Then there’s the bungy cord you’re attached to – it’s like your trusty sidekick for this crazy adventure. Oh, and let’s not forget your jump style – are you gonna go all superhero and spread those arms wide or maybe pull off some epic jump pose? 

But, don’t worry – you won’t turn into a human cannonball if you touch the water. In fact, it’s usually a smooth, splashy experience. And guess what? Those jump operators, the real heroes behind the scenes, are the ones who can give you the lowdown on whether a water touch is on the menu for you that day. So, keep your ears open and get ready for a dive that’ll have you talking about it for years!

how high is the bloukrans bridge bungy jump min
Bungy jumping from the center of Bloukrans Bridge at the Storms River Mouth

Nearest airport

  • There are two airports located in close proximity to Tsitsikamma. The closest is in George, 144km away while the Port Elizabeth airport is 182km from Tsitsikamma.

Hotels near Bloukrans Bridge, Natureʼs Valley

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