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Visit St Wolfgang

A beautiful town offering panoramic views of the beautiful Lake Wolfgang and the surrounding mountains.  This is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth.

St Wolfgang is one of the prettiest towns in Austria.  In my opinion a beautiful hideaway.  A place to relax.  Picture-Perfect in every way.

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It is not often that you can portray the beauty of a town or village through its hotels.  In St Wolfgang, it is possible;  as they offer fantastic accommodation options.  But more on accommodation later.

Austria has some, if not all, of the cleanest lakes in the world.  We are talking about drinking water quality, beautiful, crystal clear water lakes.  Next to one such beautiful lake – Lake Wolfgang – you will find the picturesque market village of St Wolfgang (Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut Österreich).

Lake Wolfgang, which is largely situated within the state of Salzburg, as well as the town of St Wolfgang, was named after Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg.  (Not Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 🙂

First impressions

Your first impression of St Wolfgang will be “wow” and that feeling stays with you throughout the whole town.  Everywhere you look you will see buildings with beautiful flower boxes and each building is more beautiful than the previous.  The mountains form a beautiful backdrop to the picturesque town.  Buildings are lovingly painted like works of art and decorated.  Even the street- and shop signs are beautiful (ok so I got a bit teary-eyed:  it’s just so beautiful.)  In my opinion, it felt like walking through a fairy tale – something right out of a storybook.  A story I didn’t want to end.

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A few places you must keep in mind when visiting, and maybe you should stop at:

  • Visit (Apfelputz) Kronprinz Rudolf’s deli shop with the cute wall looking like a table, all set and ready for a feast. They sell all different jams and chutneys, homemade apple bread as well as apple cider, apple juice, and many more apple products – all proudly and locally produced.  (Also visit their website for the best apple strudel recipe.)
  • Wolfgangsee Puppenmuseum – with its exquisite doll collection is a must-stop for all ‘little girls’.
  • The Church of St Wolfgang with its impressive altarpiece.
Schafberg Railway
  • Schafberg Railway:  Austria’s steepest cogwheel railway has been leading from St. Wolfgang to the Schafberg since 1893. The 5.85-kilometer journey takes 35 minutes and offers spectacular vistas. 
Schafberg Viewpoint
The view form Schafberg
Kronprinz Rudolf St Wolfgang

How to get there

From Salzburg by car:  a 50 min drive (approx. 48 km) via B158 and Österreichische Romantikstraße/B158

From Hallstatt by car:  33 min drive (approx. 38 km)

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Nearest Airport 

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Salzburg Airport (SZG), also branded as Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart is the nearest airport to Wolfgangsee.

This is Austria’s second-largest airport.     

You can take a bus from Salzburg (SZG) to Wolfgangsee via Salzburg Mirabellplatz. (Approx. 1h 31m)

What is a ‘Market Town’ or ‘Market village’?

Noun: market town – a (usually small) town where a public market is held at stated times. – thefreedictionary

This means there must be a market in town and yes especially at Christmas time the Christmas market (or Advent Market) of Lake Wolfgangsee and St Wolfgang is really nice.

The town describes it best:

“Radiating far across Lake Wolfgangsee through the dark winter nights, the inviting, peaceful glow of the lantern draws guests from near and far to contemplate in, wonder at, and enjoy the Lake Wolfgang Advent (Christmas) Market.

There is a joyful anticipation of Christmas in the air and visitors are able to experience fascinating customs still in practice today. The Lake Wolfgangsee Advent (Christmas) Market is celebrated in St. Gilgen, Strobl, and St. Wolfgang annually and this year is no exception.

In the village of St. Wolfgang candles, torchlight, and warming braziers lend a cozy atmosphere and the solid, rustically decorated Market stalls meander from the Postplatz Square to the lakeside, whilst in the Mozart village of St. Gilgen, the visitor can expect a baroque backdrop to the Advent scene. A joi de vivre and joyful anticipation of Christmas are depicted on the Market stall facades – designed by artist Raja Schwahn-Reichmann. The idyllic village of Strobl, however, is romantically transformed into something very special – featuring exquisite Nativity scenes.”

There are more than enough beautiful shops in town to browse and buy souvenirs to your heart’s content.  But the Christmas Market is just so nice, especially when the lights come on at dusk.

Best things to do in St Wolfgang

Best time to visit St Wolfgang and Activities

The best time? Well, that is any time.  No matter if you go in summer or winter, St Wolfgang is beautiful and the hotels are so awesome that you will definitely love your stay.


  • Go on a romantic horse carriage ride through town or horseback riding
  • Walk along the promenade
  • Pedal or electric boat trips
  • Swimming & Scuba diving
  • Hiking & Mountain biking
  • Golf & Tennis
  • Parasailing & Waterski
  • Do a Literature Tour


  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Sledding
  • Christmas Markets
  • Ice Skating on the frozen Lake Wofgangsee is the nr. 1 activity

Where to stay

You can stay at the hotel at the very top of Schafberg – Haus Schafbergspitze, however, we love the following options:

You can stay here: