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St Vitus Cathedral Prague Czech Republic

Who is Saint Vitus?

Saint Vitus is buried in St Vitus Cathedral. Legend has it that he was a Christian saint from Sicily and is regarded as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers of medieval Roman Catholicism. Christians were persecuted in 303 by co-ruling Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian. He died as a martyr during the persecution.

How old is St Vitus Cathedral?

St Vitus Cathedral is the ultimate in Gothic architecture. Founded in 1344, the cathedral took almost 600 years to complete.

This Gothic cathedral, the spiritual symbol of the Czech state, was founded in 1344 on the site of the original Romanesque rotunda. The construction took nearly 600 years. Finally, it reached completion in 1929.

A spiritual symbol of the Czech state, the building is the largest and most important church in the country. At 97 meters in height, you can’t miss the Cathedral. It is a must-visit.

The 16 meter-tall granite monolith was designed in 1928 in dedication to the victims of World War I.

Who is buried at St Vitus Cathedral?

The tombs of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors can be seen such as St. Wenceslaus, and St John of Nepomuk. Saint John is the saint of Bohemia (Czech Crown lands) who was drowned in the Vltava river at the behest of Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia.

Prague Cathedral St Vitus Czech Vitus

The Rose Window

Imagine yourself walking into the cathedral. Now, look up into the western frontispiece. This window took two years to complete.

The window tells the Biblical story of creation. The inscription on the outer circle reads: “in the beginning, God created the earth and the earth was empty. And deserted, darkness lay above the world, and the divine spirit floated above the world.”

The inner-circle is inscribed with, “initially there was a word. The creation of angels.”

From right to left, you will notice each petal represents a day of the week in which earth was created.  

Furthermore, the shape of the window represents the shape of the earth.

God is seated at the top of the window, looking down at his incredible creation.

The photo does not do it justice. The cathedral is a bucket-list item, for sure. When you are inside you will notice the blues and greens within the design to resemble earth seen from space.

Beautiful, is it not?!


The Mary Magdalene Chapel or The Wallenstein Chapel

This window was completed in 1877 and tells the story of Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus Christ. And just below, are the apostles Bartholomew and Matthew.

Church Prague St Vitus Cathedral Glass Window
St Vitus Cathedral Prague St Vitus Cathedral Czech

The Southern Window

Another masterpiece. This time, a portrayal of Jesus falling into God’s arms. The Holy Trinity namely the father, the son, and holy spirit, is symbolized in the form of a dove.

To the left the Virgin Mary, dressed in Royal purple, is honoured with the crown of Saint Wenceslas. The blessed St. Mlada and St. Ludmila and kneeling beside her.

On the right is St. Wenceslas and St. Vitus kneeling while Charles IV holds a model of a Gothic Cathedral.

St Vitus Cathedral Dom Cathedral Prague Church

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  • Prague Airport is about 13 km via Evropská and about a 20-minute drive by car, or taxi.

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