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Discover a beautiful valley with stunning places to stay.  Enjoy a family holiday, ski vacation, or just some time to relax and unwind.

St Leonhard in Passeier

St. Leonhard in Passeier is a comune in the Passeier Valley in beautiful South Tyrol, northern Italy.

The Passeier Valley is not known to everyone, and I do think at the moment it is some kind of hidden gem to many tourists.  This beautiful valley is really worth visiting, especially so with St Leonhard.

Beautiful hidden gem in Austria Passeier valley

St Leonhard, ‘Sankt Leonard’ (German pronunciation: [saŋkt ˈleːɔnhard ʔɪn paˈsaɪɐ]; Italian: San Leonardo in Passiria [san leoˈnardo im pasˈsiːrja]) is all the same place, and it’s beautiful.

Why you should visit this hidden gem

St. Leonhard in Passeier is a picturesque village located in the heart of the Italian Alps, and there are many reasons why you should consider visiting it.

Nature and Outdoor adventures

The village is situated in a stunning valley surrounded by towering mountains, lush forests, and crystal-clear streams. The scenery is simply breathtaking, and you’ll be able to take in some of the most stunning natural vistas that Italy has to offer.

That is also why this is the ideal destination for outdoor adventurers.  If you enjoy hiking and outdoor activities, you’ll love St. Leonhard, which offers a wide range of hiking and biking trails for all skill levels. You can also go horseback riding, paragliding, or rock climbing in the area.

Most beautiful places to stay in St Leonhard Tyrol Austria

More about beautiful places to stay, later in the article.

Top things to do in St Leonhard

  • Skiing: In winter, hit the slopes at one of the many ski resorts in the area, such as the Pfelders ski area or the Merano 2000 ski resort.

  • Visit the Andreas Hofer Museum: Learn about the life and times of the Tyrolean hero Andreas Hofer at this fascinating museum.

  • Relax in the hot springs: Soak your troubles away in the natural hot springs located in the Passeiertal valley.

  • Visit the St. Leonhard Church: Admire the stunning architecture of this 14th-century church and learn about its rich history.

  • Enjoy local cuisine: Savor traditional Tyrolean cuisine and local wines at one of the many restaurants in the area, such as the Gasthof Mair and the Gasthof Wiesenhof.

  • Take a scenic drive: Drive along the panoramic Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road for breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

3 Travel Tips - for your vacation

Pack for the weather: The weather in St. Leonhard can be quite variable, especially in the mountains. Be sure to pack clothing for a range of temperatures and conditions, including rain gear and warm layers.

Plan ahead for outdoor activities: If you’re interested in hiking or skiing, be sure to plan ahead and check trail conditions and weather forecasts. Some trails or ski runs may be closed or difficult to access in certain weather conditions.

Embrace the local culture: St. Leonhard is a small, traditional village with a rich local culture. Take the time to explore the village and learn about its history and customs, and be respectful of local traditions and practices. You may also want to try local foods and drinks, such as Tyrolean dumplings or locally produced wines.

Beautiful hotel in South Tyrol St Leonard Austria where to stay

Hotel Stroblhof offers panoramic mountain views as well as a large wellness centre with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Time to relax and rejuvenate

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax, St. Leonhard in Passeier is the perfect destination. The village has a number of spas and wellness centers where you can enjoy a range of treatments and therapies, as well as natural hot springs where you can soak and unwind.

Overall, St. Leonhard in Passeier is a beautiful, peaceful, and culturally rich destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, or just a place to unwind, you’re sure to find it here.

Residence Pichler Apartment 4

A 1 bedroom apartment with a balcony and mountain views.

pretty places to stay in St Leonhard Tyrol

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Visit Sankt Leonhard Tyrol Austria Saint Leonhard

Where to stay

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