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Spodek – The Flying saucer-shaped arena in Poland

When planning your visit to Spodek in Poland for a concert or any other event, you’ve got everything you need right here to organize your stay nearby. Spodek, nestled in a picturesque park setting, is a renowned indoor arena famous for hosting rock concerts and sports events, notably basketball.

Spodek arena in Katowice Poland near the conference centre where to stay things to do travel tips getting there

Map : Spodek Katowice Poland

Where? How to reach Spodek:

Spodek is located in the city of Katowice, Poland. You can easily reach Katowice by various means of transportation:

  • By Air: Katowice has its own international airport, Katowice Airport (also known as Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport), which serves both domestic and international flights. From the airport, you can take a taxi or use public transportation to reach Spodek.

  • By Train: Katowice is well-connected by train services from major cities in Poland and other European countries. The main train station in Katowice is Katowice Central Station (Katowice Główny), which is just a short distance from Spodek.

  • By Bus: Katowice has a modern bus station with connections to various cities and regions. You can take a bus to Katowice and then use local transportation to reach Spodek.

  • By Car: If you’re driving, Katowice is easily accessible via major highways. Spodek has its own parking facilities for visitors.

Getting around

Getting around is easy, but we would suggest renting a car to enable you to travel on your own time and see more of the surroundings.  (You can do so online at the above link – for the best price.)

  • Exploring Katowice: While you’re in Katowice, take some time to explore the city’s attractions and cultural offerings. Visit the Silesian Museum to learn about the region’s history and art, stroll through the vibrant Market Square, or enjoy a leisurely walk in the nearby Silesian Park.

Rent a car and Explore Sites in and around Katowice

  • Będzin— located 13 km from Katowice – medieval origin city with a castle, Gzichów palace and Jewish heritage.
  • Dąbrowa Górnicza— located 16 km from Katowice- popular tourist spot with artificial Pogoria lakes ( I, II, III and IV) and famous Błędowska Desert
  • Czeladź— located 10 km from Katowice- small city with neoromanesque St. Stanislaus church and workers’ colony Piaski called “little Nikiszowiec”
  • Jaworzno— Mountainous city famous by Sosina artificial lake
  • Świerklaniec — located 24 km from Katowice- place with a nice palace and park
  • Tarnowskie Góry— located 27 km from Katowice- old city with UNESCO World Heritage Black Trout Adit
  • Częstochowa is one of Poland’s most spiritual sites.
  • Cieszyn— a medieval town on the Czech-Polish border with a nice town square.
Spodek the flying saucer shaped stadium in Poland how to get there where to stay things to do nearby helpful travel tips

Where to stay:  Hotels in Katowice (near Spodek)

Apartamenty Katowice Stawowa 5

places to stay in Katowice Poland near Spodek stadium

Why we recommend Apartamenty Katowice Stawowa5:

Great location, and good value for money.   Airport Shuttle available.

Situated 1.4 km from the Medical University of Silesia, 1 km from Spodek, and 1.9 km from Silesia City Center shopping mall. 

Each unit comes with a fully equipped kitchenette. 

But there is also an on-site restaurant serving dinner, lunch, cocktails, and high tea.

Travel Tip(s)

Scan for seasonal deals before booking your stay.

If you have a bar fridge in your hotel room, check with reception whether the content is on the house, or pay as you use.

Stunning Urban Apartment with city views

accommodation near spodek luxury with stunning views

The spacious apartment with a balcony and city views has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a flat-screen TV, an equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and an oven, and 1 bathroom with a walk-in shower. 

accommodation near spodek urban apartment with views over city

The air-conditioned unit at the property features a bath and a dressing room.

Why we recommend this apartment:

 It is situated 1 km from Spodek and offers a 24-hour front desk. There is a sun terrace and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking.

  • Naturally, there are many more options.  You can follow this link to find more beautiful places to stay in Katowice, that will suit your specific needs.  Whether you prefer luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses, or budget-friendly hostels, you’ll find suitable places to stay near Spodek and throughout the city.
Spodek Arena Poland Katowice

Things to do

…in Katowice

More THINGS TO DO at your favorite destination

Katowice city

Things you must experience while you are there:

  • Silesian Museum (Former coal mine)
  • Silesia Park
  • Dabrowa Gornicza Pogoria I Lake
  • Zbiornik Pogoria Lake – A popular tourist spot for a safe family day of swimming.
  • Cuizine:  Try a Zapiekanka, a Polish Pizza Sandwich
  • Do a Polish Beer Tasting

Some helpful travel tips:

  • Dining and Entertainment: Katowice boasts a diverse culinary scene, with restaurants serving traditional Polish cuisine as well as international dishes. After your visit to Spodek, you can unwind at one of the city’s cafes, bars, or nightclubs, many of which are located within walking distance of the arena.

  • Safety and Security: Like any other major city, it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Katowice is generally a safe destination for tourists, but it’s always wise to keep your belongings secure and follow local guidelines and recommendations.

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