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Beautiful Southern Bulgaria, The Best Things to Do

Travel with us through the ever-beautiful Southern Bulgaria featuring the best things to do in Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, and the Bansko & Borovets Ski Resorts.


Plovdiv is an ancient city built around seven hills. 

Top sights in Plovdiv:

  • Ancient Theater of Philippopolis, performance venue at a Roman theater.
  • Old town of Plovdiv, an architectural reserve.
  • Ancient Stadium of Philipopolis, well preserved ruins of a Roman facility.
  • Nebet Tepe, centuries-old hilltop fortifications.
  • Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv, showcasing Bulgarian culture.
  • Imposing Soviet Alyoshaviet statue, with scenic city views.
  • Hills of Plovdiv.
  • Singing Fountains.
  • Historical Dzhumaya Mosque with many domes.
Plovdiv old town Bulgaria travelandhome
The Old Town of Plovdiv.


Асеновград [ɐˈsɛnovˌɡrat]) as it is known in Bulgarian, is famous for its fascinating monasteries.

Top sights in Asenovgrad:

  • Assenova krepost (Asen’s Fortress).
  • Bachkovo Monastery is an 11th-century Eastern Orthodox monastery.
  • Assen’s Fortress is a Medieval fortress with scenic views.
  • Arapovo Monastery
  • Kuklen Monastery “Saints Cosmas and Damian”
  • Bachkovo waterfall and monastery.
  • Aviation Museum.
  • Aquapark Vitus.
  • Sveti Kirik i Yulita Monastery.
  • History Museum
Things to do when you visit Asenovgrad in Southern Bulgaria
Things to do when you visit Asenovgrad in Southern Bulgaria

Bansko & Borovets Ski Resorts

Bansko ski resort
Bansko Ski Resort
Rila Mountains
Rila Mountains

Bulgaria caters to holidaymakers all year through. Bansko Ski Resort in the Blagoevgrad Province, southwestern Bulgaria, has the longest ski runs in the country.

The Resort is Bulgaria’s crown ski resort. It is popular for its cultural history and has more restaurants and bars than its competitor, Borovets.  


How to get to Bansko Ski Resort

The nearest airport is Sofia.


From Sofia by car, it takes about 1 hr 54 min (155.0 km) via the A3 and Route 19. Alternatively, 2 hr 43 min (174.2 km) via Автомагистрала „Тракия“/A1/E80 and Route 84.

How to get to Borovets Ski Resort

Where Bansko lies south of the Rila National Park, Borovets lies on the northern side of the park. The two resorts are about 2 hours (144 km) apart by car, via Route 62, Автомагистрала „Струма“/A3/E79 and Route 19. Alternatively, 2 hr 20 min (130.3 km) via Route 84.

Barovets Ski Resort, built in an alpine style, is 72 km from Sofia. 


Rila Monastery

This 10th-century UNESCO World Heritage Site is Bulgaria's largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery.
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