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Travel to make memories in South America

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Travitude (n.) When you begin to become irritable at missing out on traveling.


Oranjestad, Island of Aruba's capital city - tours & trips

Oranjestad, the capital of the island, is known for its picturesque beaches along the Caribbean coastline and amazing natural landscapes.

Things to do in Oranjestad, Aruba

When is the best time to explore Oranjestad? The temperature varies from about 26°C in January to 29°C in August/September. March/April has the least rainfall, whereas October - December the most.


Bogotá - tours & trips

Bogotá is surrounded by the most beautiful views - the hills flowing from the Andes mountain range. The daytime temperatures are mostly above 25°C all year through. January, and June to August have the least rainfall.

Things to do in Bogotá, Colombia's capital city

Meander the narrow streets in the colorful La Candelaria and visit the Gold Museum, with pre-Columbian artifacts. Or stop for some ajiaco (chicken and potato soup). Visit Monserrate's cathedral, or...

South America's most visited destinations

The most visited destination in South America is the Peruvian capital, Lima, as the main gate to the legendary Machu Picchu, a travel bucket list for many. Then follow Buenos Aires and Montevideo.  However, this is not where the fun ends. South America has more than enough ideas for your next trip. We’ve compiled the best deals on exciting and fabulous vacation packages and excursions to help you plan your trip. All you have to do is decide, and book direct. So many choices, right!?

Buenos Aires, the city that does not sleep!

Buenos Aires tours & trips

Buenos Aires is known as the capital of tango; the Paris of France. Famous for its phenomenal nightlife, tango music and dance, traditional neighborhood taverns, rich cultural life, and architecture, this city that never sleeps will keep you busy 24/7.

Interesting facts about lively Buenos Aires

Experience the thriving, pulsing, constant buzz of life in Buenos Aires, the city that does not sleep.

    • “Buenos Aires” can be translated as “fair winds” or “good airs”.
    • The former was the meaning intended by the founders in the 16th century, by the use of the original name “Real de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre”, named after the Madonna of Bonaria in Sardinia
    • Buenos Aires is known for its nightlife. It is not unusual to find places open until 07h00 in the morning.
    • In addition to the nightlife, enjoy a wealth of culture with about 300 theatres, 380 bookstores, and 160 museums waiting for you to visit.
    • Mango is used as a slang way to say money or Argentine Pesos. For example, “Cuesta cien mangos” means “It costs one hundred pesos”. 
    • Eva Perón lies embalmed in the Duarte family tomb at the Recoleta Cemetery (Cementerio de la Recoleta) In Recoleta.
    • Generally, South America is known for its meat products. Named Ibero-American capital of Gastronomic Culture 2017, Buenos Aires is home to the best steaks you’ll ever taste, amongst many other outstanding culinary options.
    • Buenos Aires has a free 24-hour public bike share system and a vast network of cycle lanes. Therefore, cycling is a popular and fun way to see the city. Many streets in the center are for pedestrians only. So then, meandering through some city areas is also a pleasure.
    • South America is also the home continent of Pope Francis, who was born and raised in Buenos Aires. Visit his childhood home and the schools he attended in Flores, and the prison where he worked in Villa Soldati. See the Metropolitan Cathedral where Pope Francis led mass (for 20 years) as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Hop on the free Pope Francis bus tour that visits many places he used to frequent. 
    • Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and is home to the world’s first religious theme park, namely Tierra Santa.

Lima, the "city of Kings"

The earliest name given to the city by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizzaro, who founded Lima, was “La Ciudad de Los Reyes.” The name was originally chosen by Pizarro because Lima was established on Three Kings’ Day, a significant Catholic event.


One of the safest capitals in all of Latin America, as well as the city with the finest quality of life in South America, is Montevideo.