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Best solo travel destinations this year

Traveling and exploring the world on your own can be a great adventure.

If you’re looking for fabulous places to travel to safely and on your own, we have awesome trips and tours for you to book easily online.  Or you might want to travel the world with a friend and include some adventure; we have the best adventure ideas for an awesome holiday.  Book the best solo / single travel tours and see the world safely.  

Solo Female Travel Destinations

Travel solo to the destinations that's best - For You:

Be a Traveler not a Tourist

5 Golden Rules

You can plan your trip. Do the basic outline and timelines with a list of “must-see” or “must-do” activities. Then you book your flights and tours and relax. Easier said than done? Well, one of the best things to do when traveling solo is to really enjoy the “travel” part of your trip.  Don’t try to be a ‘typical tourist’ and just concentrate on taking photos and visiting the right places.  Enjoy the traveling experience.

  • If you get lost in a city – don’t panic.  See it as part of exploring new places and discovering new ways.
  • Not sure where to go or where to eat – ask the locals. This is always the best way to discover those hidden gems: That fantastic little restaurant or beautiful deli.
  • Have a language barrier – nothing google translate cannot solve.
  • Forget about “Susan said” or “The travel company told me”. Yes, you follow guidelines and listen to advice, but always make time to discover on your own. Take the time to just wander in the streets, or along with street markets. Give yourself time to reflect and just be able to sit and watch the locals go about their day. This will teach you much more about a destination than any guidebook ever can.
  • If you book day activities with trusted tour operators like Viator or GetYourGuide, you know you’re in good hands, and you’ll have lots of things to do. So you can relax. Booking multi-day holiday packages with them is a safe way to travel and make new friends.
Solo travel destinations for all

On your own - But not alone

A fantastic way to ensure you don’t feel all alone in a foreign country is to book activities or tours focused on activities that you love (Things to do).  No, it is not just a gimmick.   It is a safe way to explore and have fun.

Foodie tours, hiking, or sporting adventures are great fun.  But, if you’re more into the quiet retreat or beautiful scenery tours, there is always Santorini and the Greek islands…

Booking all-inclusive holidays make life easier.

Booking ready-made all-inclusive tours and joining small-group tours is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends.  Especially if you share a tour of something you all love and enjoy.  This way you’ll meet people with the same interest as you.

Foodie Tours

Love food? Book a culinary travel tour to fabulous places. Join one or multiple Foodie Tours across the world. Fantastic culinary experiences that you will never forget. From Italy and Argentina to Chile, Mexico and many more.

Explore Greece - Mykonos, Santorini

Love spending quiet days just watching the ocean or meandering along narrow streets discovering a beautiful vista around every corner? Well in Santorini you can enjoy fabulous days taking in the very beauty that made it famous to many travelers around the world.

Make time for yourself

Traveling alone also means you can make time for yourself.  Maybe you’ve been through a tuff time.  You might just need some time alone.  Time to reflect and time to heal and recover.

    • A River cruise anywhere in the world (like the Moselle River Valley or the Danube) can give you that ‘alone time’ but also allows you to see the world. You can spend time in your cabin staring out the window at the beautiful scenes you will pass along the way.  However, these cruises dock at the most fabulous places (often more than one country in Europe) and sight-seeing expeditions are easy and carefree.  It’s a safe environment. (Search more than 14 000 river cruise adventures, and book one you like.)
    • Visit a Wellness Retreat or book a fabulous Wellness Multi-Day Tour to some of the best places in the world. Escape to the mountains.  Enjoy peaceful and quiet retreats on the shores of a beautiful lake.  There is no better way to ‘find yourself’ and focus again on life.  Treat yourself to a Health or Spa Retreat and get new energy for life.
    • Solo Tours across the world – There are many options if you just want to travel to a beautiful destination in a safe way, enjoying the adventure.
Tips that will help you to not feel awkward traveling alone

Traveling alone might at first get you in situations where you feel ‘uncomfortable being alone’:  Like in a restaurant or on a bus or train.  Here are some solo travel tips to help you get through those first-time ‘uncomfortable moments’.

  • Download your favorite music to your phone. This way, even if there is no Wi-Fi connection or you have some kind of issue connecting, you will still have music to listen to through your earphones.
  • Get that novel you’ve been wanting to read. Taking an interesting book with you (either in hardcopy or on kindle) is a great way to “escape”.
  • If you have a ‘portable hobby’, take it with you. Crossword puzzles, Soduko, or something to keep your hands and mind occupied, while you can still enjoy the fresh air during maybe time spent at an outside restaurant.

So let’s explore the best of the best:

Some of the best tours around the world

Want to share a traveling experience with a friend?  You can book fantastic singles/sharing tours across Europe.  Travel together and share the cost.  Or if you’re looking to share your travel experience with new single friends, these trips are all ready for you to just jump aboard.

The 5 best young adult travel adventures:

  • A hiking trip for the nature lovers
  • Surfing Tours to places like Australia and Costa Rica
  • Ski and Snowboarding trips
  • World-famous festivals like an Oktoberfest in Munich or the Rio Carnival
  • Technology and Gaming destinations like Montreal Canada, Japan, Korea

Top 5 travel destinations for solo travelers

Travel and Home might suggest the following beautiful places and/or ideas:

  • Italy (The Amalfi Coast / Cinque Terre)
  • Doing a River Boat Cruise in Europe
  • Quebec Canada
  • Do an Irish Road Trip
  • Join a travel group to anywhere in the world.  Meeting new people and make new friends.  A safe way to travel solo and have lots of fun.

Top 10 safest countries for solo female travelers:

(According to a survey done by Bounce)

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