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Traveling changed.  Being a traveler changed.  The most popular destinations changed and are ever changing, and so did everything that has to do with health and safety issues.  So now what?  Where is it safe to travel to?  Keeping in mind that the closure of country borders, regulations etc. is ever changing, we are looking at a few options, which are ‘social-distancing-safe options’. These destinations offer “natural social distancing” without putting you in uncomfortable or worrying situations regarding health.  (Obviously depending on travel restrictions and Covid regulations.  Always choose the safe option and do your homework before traveling.)

Have a look at these travel destination trends for 2021:

  • Destinations that include activities like hiking, water sports and all outdoor activities are becoming more popular.  Fresh air and open spaces is the way to go.
  • Hotels and accommodation options that advertise and are committed to executing excellent safety protocols; Therefore winning the trust of travelers all over the world.
  • Healthy family holiday options, where you can enjoy activities like cycling or horse riding in open natural environments are perfect for family getaways.  The often also include wellness destinations.
  • Game lodges that offer safaris, also offers the possibility of spotting or close encounters with wildlife, while exercising social distancing from people.
  • Holiday Tours and Day Trip packages that offer private or small group adventures and holidays: The perfect option is to book a private tour, with close friends and/or family.

3 Popular Types of Travel Destinations in 2021

Travel destinations where social distancing is easy:

  1. Island holidays, like the Greek islands or Seychelles and the Maldives will always be popular. There are many hidden spots to enjoy away from people and enough beach space for effective social distancing.
  2. Zanzibar often overlooked and somewhat of a hidden gem. If you’re looking for that getaway destination where you can just hide away from the world, this is a good option.
  3. Travelling in South Africa is currently a popular choice for their excellent Safari and Game Lodge options. Even in winter sunny South Africa is a good option. If you’re fortunate enough to live in beautiful South Africa with its jaw dropping natural beauty, travel your own backyard and explore your beautiful country.

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