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Sharing some of our favorite smoothie recipes with you, for you to enjoy

This is one of our favorite smoothies. You can use frozen or fresh bananas. We use Greek yoghurt, but you can also make it with ice-cream (delish). Depending on your own preference, you can make it the consistency you love, by adding more milk or more fruit and peanut butter. You can totally play with the recipe. This is the perfect start to a busy day or a fabulous treat at lunch time.

Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Recipe

Below are some very easy 3 ingredient smoothie recipes.

Fresh or Frozen Fruit

Using fully frozen fruits in the blender can result in lumpy smoothies or if very big, damage your blender’s blades. 

It is a good idea to thaw the fruit just a little before blending.

Clever idea

For quick and easy smoothies, put your favorite fruit or veg combinations in a zip-lock bag and store in freezer ready for quick use.

Chef at Home

The Chef's notes

  • You can use either frozen or fresh fruit.
  • Serve immediately. 
  • When using milk, you can use any type (fat free / full cream)
  • The yoghurt is usually Plain Greek yoghurt, but you can use flavored yoghurt as well.  (When using flavored yoghurt just make sure it is something that will enhance the flavor.  E.g. Strawberry flavored for a Strawberry smoothie.)
Milk in the recipe can be replaced by:
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Oat Milk
  • Hemp Milk
  • Macadamia or Cashew Milk

Easy 3 Ingredients Smoothies

Smoothie Recipe

Did you know

The origin of Smoothies: USA

“Health food stores on the West Coast of the United States began selling smoothies in the 1930s associated with invention of the electric blender. The actual term “smoothie” was being used in recipes and trademarks by the mid-1980s.” – Wikipedia

Ever wondered who is the largest producer of fresh fruit in the world?  Check out these ‘animated stats‘ for the answer.

Better digestion

Some health and nutrition experts worldwide suggest consuming liquid food for better digestion, but this is also a fabulous way to up your fruit and veg  portions.  But do try and make your smoothies healthy by choosing the healthy options.


Smoothies are quick to make and seen as a way of consuming more fruit and veg, however blending the fruit, does expose the natural sugars. Health experts also advise us to cut back on ‘free sugars’ as it may lead to dental decay, provide excess calories and cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Therefor it is best to enjoy your smoothie as part of a healthy diet, as part of your mealtime, and to to limit the number of glasses you consume.

Smoothie for lunch

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