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Discover Megève: A Premier Ski Destination in France

Magical Megève, nestled in the shadow of Mont Blanc

Megève is this amazing spot right by Mont Blanc, and my family usually liked trying new ski places, you know, switching it up. But when we hit Megève, everything changed! We’ve gone back three more times since then. Wanna know why?

So, Megève is snuggled up between two rivers, and get this—the name’s from Celtic roots! “Mag” means house, and “Eva” means water. Strolling through this cozy village in Haute-Savoie, you’re surrounded by this cool sound—the rivers bubbling away, making their own kinda music. It’s pretty awesome!

Megeve Town France
Discover Megève A Premier Ski Destination in France () min

When planning your holiday in Megève, here are some handy travel tips to keep in mind. The currency used is the Euro (€), and the primary languages spoken are French and English. Remember, the dialing code for the area is +33, and during the winter season, the time zone is GMT +3 hours.

Don’t forget to check out the public holidays in France to make the most of your trip. As for the weather in Megève, it’s always good to stay updated before you pack. Lastly, consider looking for affordable flights to and from Geneva Airport (GVA) in Switzerland for convenient travel options.

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What is Megève known for?

Megève is this super famous ski spot near Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Back in the 1920s, the Rothschilds—yep, those rich folks—had this idea. They wanted a French version of St. Moritz, and bam! Megève was born. It was actually the first ski resort made on purpose in the Alps.

And guess what? It’s still crazy famous and super fancy! Like, one of the fanciest ski resorts you’ll find anywhere in the world.

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Mont Blanc

Ski nearby Mont Blanc

If you’re a pro skier, there’s this famous run called Vallee Blanche that you gotta try! It’s like 20 kilometers long—that’s about 13 miles—and it’s not your regular ski slope. Nope, it’s off-piste, which means it’s kinda daring and not for those who scare easy. But hey, if you’re up for a challenge, this run’s got these incredible views of Mont Blanc.

Speaking of Mont Blanc, it’s like the boss of all the mountains in the Alps, standing super tall at 4,810 meters. That’s like 15,781 feet! And get this—it’s higher than any other ski spot in Europe. So yeah, buckle up for a crazy thrilling ride if you’re hitting those slopes!

Virgin snow

Imagine this: You wake up super early just to zip up to the tippy-top of the Alps before the sun’s even fully up. You’re all hyped to step foot—or ski, or snowboard—on the very peak of the French Alps. And let me tell you, that feeling? It’s like a mega “wow” moment that you can’t even describe with words. It’s just… beyond amazing!

Megeve France
Chemin du Marais 74120 Megeve France Megeve snow
Travel Tip(s)
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And then it’s Christmas…

Out of all my trips to Megève, the ones during Christmas were the absolute best! The center square was all decked out with this stunning nativity scene that was seriously a work of art. Every tiny detail was just perfect. And let me tell you about the gigantic Christmas tree there—it was like it was shouting out for everyone to come and check out the beautiful message it held: love, peace, hope, and joy, all wrapped up in that amazing nativity scene!

Megeve, France, horse carraige
Megeve, France, Horse carriage, transport
Megeve, France, transport, horse carriage
Discover Megève A Premier Ski Destination in France () min

Food & drink

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Because of Megève’s farming roots, it’s like this superstar when it comes to mountain food! Seriously, it’s one of the best places for awesome mountain grub. And guess what? You’ve got tons of top-notch restaurants in town and even on the ski slopes. 



You gotta check out this amazing chalet! The food there is top-notch, seriously. Yeah, the prices might be a bit higher than usual, but let me tell you, it’s totally worth it for the whole package. The vibe, the spot, the food—everything’s just amazing! Oh, and pro tip: better book a table at L’Alpette a day or two in advance for your visit. You won’t wanna miss it!


Megève is like this cozy, friendly village where only people can stroll around the town center on these cool cobblestone streets. But guess what else you’ll find? Horse carriages! They’re trotting around the central square, ready to take you on a sightseeing adventure or practically anywhere you wanna go. Picture this: after a nice dinner in town, hopping on one of these carriages to head home. It’s like the perfect ending to a great evening!

After a ski lesson!

The best ski school Megève

You know what’s awesome? Finding a place like Ski Pros Megève and building a lasting relationship, especially with someone like Mike Beaudet. We’ve tried both group and private lessons, and let me tell you, they totally nailed it! Safety was their top priority, and their way of teaching was spot on. Plus, here’s the cool part: whether you speak English, Italian, or French, these guys are the real deal. I’d totally recommend them!

Where to Stay in Megève

When I choose a beach getaway, I prefer to be right on the sand. And when it comes to skiing, it’s the same deal. Having ski-to-door access is like the ultimate comfort when I’m looking for a place to stay in Megève.

Staying as close to the bottom of a ski lift as possible is my next best thing. But hey, comfort matters too, right? Well, guess what? At the Royal Rochebrune Hotel, you get the best of both worlds! It’s super close to the lift and super cozy. Plus, it’s just a stroll away from the town center. And get this: if you’re not feeling the walk back after dinner, just hop on a horse carriage! Easy-peasy!

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