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Ski you later!

Hungarians are not blessed with a vast range of snow-ski-resorts, but all hope is not lost. Síaréna Eplény lies in Hungary’s Veszprém County, at an altitude of 388 meters above sea level. 

With careful planning, you stand a good chance to get into your ski boots. And if it’s already autumn, best you start planning. 

Eplény is about 119 km outside Budapest. That makes it well under 2 hours driving by car (via Route 8 and M7), and an ideal weekend getaway.

Alternatively, hop on a train that will take you into Eplény, operated by Hungarian Railways (MÁV). Coming from Budapest (Budapest-Deli platform) the journey by train is around 1h52m (fastest option). You’ll have a 7-minute layover time which I’ve included in the time estimate.

Síaréna Eplény is the nearest ski resort about 3.4 km from the village.

With 8 ski lifts you’ll ski across 7.7 km of which 5.4 km are easy skiing. Advanced skiers have a 1 km challenge, whereas expert skiers have 1.3 km to show off their skiing ability. Together, you have plenty of scenic downhill skiing across the 16 pistes. Incidentally, it’s Hungary’s only ski resort with a chairlift.

No need to worry if you don’t have the necessary ski gear. There is a ski outlet that will gladly assist in complete ski and snowboard rentals and equipment. 

You may as well follow Intersport Síaréna Eplény on Facebook. They have programs that run throughout the year, well worth a trip or two.

Intersport Síaréna Eplény is also the go-to for your ski passes. They run specials from time to time, so again, join their Facebook to stay in the know.

Usually the season runs from early December to late March. Generally, the later (around March) you go, the better chance of snow you have at such low altitude.

A day ticket can be from HUF 9,900 for adults, HUF 8,900 for students, and HUF 7,000 for children.

Après ski and skiing goes together like butter and bread. In true tradition the refined practice of ending a long, cold day with spiked cider or mulled wine, huddling with friends to unwind before heading home can also be enjoyed at Síaréna Eplény.

Siarena Epleny lies in Hungarys Veszprem County is there a ski resort in Hungary
Credit: Falus Csaba

Credit: Eplény – Intersport Ski Resort – Síaréna – Hungary

Hotels near Síaréna Eplény

  • Veszprém is about 23 minutes (21 km) by car from Síaréna Eplény, and offers a wider range of places to stay, including hotel stays. 
  • Eplény is a very small village (8.28 km²) with a small range of guesthouses in true Hungarian hospitality.  And as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s the nearest village to the ski resort.

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