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Feeling Stressed? There is Sayulita for That!

If you have not been to Sayulita yet, it’s time to book it, and do it! 

Here you will find it hard to be stressed! The spirit of the people in Sayulita is warm, friendly, and welcoming. 

Sayulita Mexico North America Mexican beach Pacific Coast Tropical vacation paradise holiday

The cheapest way to enjoy the beach…

Sayulita is a neat place for people-watching. You can rent an umbrella, table, and two chairs for the day (from around 10 US dollars). Take your own cooler with drinks and snacks. 

Alternatively, at Coco’s Beach Club there is no charge if you order some drinks and food. The water close to shore is perfect for kiddies to play. Coco’s is a popular choice to spend the day at the beach. Therefore, it’s best you get there early!

Food experiences

In general, there is no shortage of great food up and down the beach in the many restaurants and bars.

In addition, Ya Ya is a popular coffee spot, and their food is great too.

Sayulita Cafe is another go-to spot worth visiting for value for your Mexican pesos.

Sayulita Mexico North America Mexican beach Pacific Coast Tropical vacation surfing boarding
Sayulita Mexico North America Pacific Coast Tropical vacation food restaurants

Sayulita is popular with the young crowd!

In Sayulita, you can expect it to be crowded at times, with plenty of street vendors, surfers, boarders, and even live music. Therefore, it is no surprise that Sayulita is popular amongst the younger crowd.

Also, if you don’t mind the vendors (who can be quite annoying at times), you’ll love the vendor-shopping experience. The vendors sell everything from carved turtles to a mezcal tasting. 

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TEQUILA AND MEZCAL IS that tequila tends to have a smooth, sweet flavor, whereas mezcal is often described as savory and smoky. The smoky quality is usually attributed to the underground ovens used to cook the agave.

Adventure in Sayulita

For surfing, this is a beginning-level beach. Therefore, Sayulita is the ideal place to take your first surfing lesson. Highly recommended!

The best time to visit Sayulita

The best time to visit Sayulita is from October 15 to June 1. The sun stays up the longest in Sayulita in May. So, in May, you’ll get the most out of your daytime activities.

However, this is the silly season, so expect to spend a few pesos more than in quieter times.

Semana Santa (the final week of Lent, and the week prior to Easter Sunday) starts on Palm Sunday. This is when Sayulita is a loud, lively, and beautiful assault on all your senses. It is buzzing with multiple musical bands for “eclectic, non-stop fun”. 

The windiest month is May with an average wind speed of around 5 knots (5.8 MPH or 9.3 KPH). In contrast to this light breeze, you can expect winds in late May to early June at average speeds of up to 14.3 knots. The latter is considered a moderate breeze and most likely the windiest time of the year in Sayulita.

Usually, the warmest time of year is early to mid-August with temperature highs around 91.1°F (32.8°C) and lows rarely dropping below 76.8°F (24.9°C) at night.

If you don’t like high humidity, then May is your month to visit Sayulita at an average of 66.9% relative humidity. In contrast, September is the most humid month at 75.7% relative humidity.

The closest airport to Sayulita is Puerto Vallarta Ordaz (PVR) at 17.82 miles away, or almost 29 km.

The alternative is Tepic Airport (TPQ) at 54.12 miles, or 87 km, away.

Best Beach Hotels in Sayulita

Bachelor in Paradise fans has no choice but to stay at the Playa Escondida Boutique Resort in Sayulita (see below) – truly a “hidden gem”. The jungle-style resort is where many romances began (and ended) and the home to bachelors and bachelorettes since the second season that aired in 2014.

The accommodation options vary from beachfront rooms, ocean-view suites, to luxurious teak bungalows, namely the Bird Canyon villas.

Guests of the resort can book a slew of activities, such as golfing, surfing, paddle-boarding, and snorkeling—not to mention horseback riding along the beach. They also have access to a spa, a yoga terrace, and a beautiful poolside restaurant.

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