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Scenic Sausalito in San Francisco, California

 – by Ashley Scott.

sausalito panorama USA California

Welcome, fellow travelers!  I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay… in Sausalito! 

Once you’ve set foot in Sausalito you’ll also sing along to the lyrics of  Rosy & Andres’ song way back in 1975: “My heart goes back to you, oh, Sausalito!”

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Sausalito is a picturesque town located just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. A scenic drive across the bridge towards Sausalito offers stunning views of the bay and the city skyline. Once in Sausalito, you can explore the charming waterfront district, which is lined with art galleries, shops, and restaurants. You can also take a stroll along the scenic waterfront promenade or visit the Bay Model Visitor Center to learn about the San Francisco Bay ecosystem.

  • October is known for hosting “Fleet Week, San Francisco”, an annual mind-blowing airshow, including a Parade of Ships. Instead of buying the normal show tickets, I recommend getting a front-row seat to the entire spectacle by going on the San Francisco Fleet Week Cruise. Not only will you escape the crowds on the waterfront, but you’ll get the best photos. And as a sideline bonus, a great relaxing cruise! 
  • June, July, and August are the warmer months with average temperatures in the low-twenty degrees Celsius (upper-sixty degrees Fahrenheit). 
  • December, January, and February are the coldest months with temperatures on average about 8 or 9 degrees Celcius (46 or 48 degrees Fahrenheit).

“Getting across San Francisco Bay is as easy as taking to the water. The San Francisco Ferry runs 1-way and round-trip service to both Sausalito and Tiburon. So rather than worry about traffic, you can sit back and relax while savoring incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the San Francisco skyline.”

USA California Sausalito
Sausalito USA California
USA Scenic Sausalito California 1750 bridgeway

Things to do in Sausalito

If you wonder what there is to do in Sausalito, you are in the right place.

  • Cycle the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is open to both auto and bicycle traffic.
  • Take a ferry to San Francisco.
  • Meander in one of the many parks.
  • Go see the houseboat community (with more than 400 houseboats) on the north end of Sausalito.
  • Visit public beaches such as Schoonmaker Beach, Swede’s Beach, and Tiffany Beach.
  • Do like Otis Redding back in 1967. He sat on a rented houseboat at Waldo Point and wrote the song (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay. Rent a houseboat.
  • Visit the ungated marina in the Bay Area.
  • Find a spot in one of the many restaurants or walk on the shoreline at sunset.
Alcatraz penetentiary San Francisco Sausalito California boat cruise tickets sightseeing things to do
Alcatraz Penitentiary

If ever you travel to the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, and you have time on your hands, this previous shipbuilding center from World War II is worth a visit.

Sausalito is largely bounded by the protected spaces of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, including Fort Baker.

Take your binoculars for a visit to the beautiful lighthouse with marvelous scenery. You may catch a glimpse of the sea life too! Still actively in operation, this is Sausalito’s secret jewel. The lighthouse was built to help shepherd ships through the treacherous Golden Gate straits.

Cavallo Point is on the border of Sausalito just below the Golden Gate Bridge, in Fort Baker. Fort Baker used to be an army post until the mid-1990s and is located at the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

We stayed at Cavallo Point which is the home to some historic lodging buildings and historic commons buildings that were renovated. After that, a few new additions were added to the range to increase lodging capacity. 

The setting is less busy than in Sausalito, and it is on the border of the beautiful and quaint Sausalito.

Take a ferry from Pier 33 and tour the infamous Alcatraz Island. From Sausalito, you have a great view of Alcatraz Island which is more than just an abandoned prison. The island is home to the oldest operating lighthouse on USA’s West Coast and features natural rock pools. In addition, the seabird colony consists mostly of western gulls, cormorants, and egrets.

Also, see Alcatraz tours & cruises.

Go on a private Sausalito Waterfront treasure hunt. It’s also a great team-building event for corporates as it is really fun, no stress!

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Fleet Week San Francisco F air showCalifornia events sightseeing things to do
Fleet Week air show in San Francisco.

Food and wine

Half-Day private Napa Valley wine tour from Sausalito

“Treat yourself to a memorable day trip to California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Fill your day with wine tasting, food, history, and culture from this famous wine-growing region. Travel across beautiful Marin County in a luxury SUV for maximum comfort and safety. Door to door service anywhere in Sausalito, your choice of pickup/drop off location and tour time.”

Getaways near Sausalito

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

Around three hours drive and you can sit back and relax magnificent views, enjoy great food, and be pampered. Come summer or winter, this is the ultimate getaway near Sausalito.  Unwind and relax with free yoga and stargazing activities. With facials and massages, this is also an ideal girls-getaway or mother-daughter getaway destination. In addition, they also have Shamanistic services such as amazing drum ceremonies. 

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I love South America. However, North America has also an undeniable appeal to me. If I have the opportunity, I will go back to Sausalito, California. No doubt about it. 

Although we went in February which was winter at best, it was pleasant. That said, I love sightseeing in warmer weather, so I will go back in summer.

From all my travels around California, I met the friendliest people in Sausalito, California. 

Mary N.