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Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, in northern Finland and the official home of

Santa Claus.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go to Santa’s home and meet the Elves, eat cookies made by Mrs Clause or checking out the official North Pole Post Office?  Well here it is in Rovaniemi.  An open invitation to book your once in a lifetime holiday experience.

Visit Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi Finland Lapland Best things to do and places to stay min

When is the best time to visit?

The Northern Lights start appearing in late August and this is the reason why many people visit Lapland during August, September and October as it is the ideal Aurora viewing months, but we think Christmas is the best time ever.  This is the time to experience a magical Christmas in magical surroundings.

Temperatures start dropping below zero usually in October, and the first snow will then start to fall.  So in December it is a true Winter Wonderland.

There is snow all around the world, but Lapland is different. There are thousands of ‘Christmas trees’ growing everywhere and all capped with snow.

Visit Santa Clause in Rovaniemi Finland
Reasons to visit Rovaniemi

Why you should visit Rovaniemi Finland

...with the magic of Christmas, you have more than enough reasons to visit this magical place.

Did you know 

There are more Reindeer than people in Lapland.

Christmas Magic

That no matter how hard I try to explain to you what Santa Clause Village is all about, you just have to experience this for yourself.  I will never be able to get the right words.  So here are some inspirational videos straight from Santa’s Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland:

List of videos you should watch:

See this video from Santa’s television station of a baby Reindeer in Santa’s Village.

Get all the secrets on Santa’s Reindeer.

When visiting  Rovaniemi, you will have the opportunity to meet the reindeer in person.

Rovaniemi is worth a visit

Have you ever booked a whole holiday  in just 2 Easy Steps  all on One Page?

Step 1:

Book your accommodation

The Rovaniemi Experience

Book your stay in Santa’s Holiday Village (even if it is only for one or two nights).  Use the link right here to book your accommodation.

Below are more details on this magical Village.

Why you should visit Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland

You get – Free Airport Transfer

Firstly Santa’s Holliday Village offer all their guests a free airport shuttle service which is cool. (To and from Rovaniemi airport) Let them know on which flight you will be arriving, at least 2 days prior and they will arrange everything.  No worries to you.

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Step 2:

Nearest Airport

The closest International Airport is Finland: Rovaniemi Airport (RVN / EFRO) – (Distance 11 km).  This is Finland’s largest airport and also Santa’s official airport.  Yes if you don’t believe me, check out their website.

Other airports near Rovaniemi:

  • Kemi / Tornio airport (103km)
  • Kittilä airport (133km)
  • Pajala airport (142km)
  • Kuusamo airport (165km)
  • Oulu airport (183km)

There you go – your holiday is all arranged, because anything else you might need is right here in Santa’s Holiday Village…fantastic restaurants, gifts shops, and more.  So just ENJOY and send us photos.

Accommodation at Santa’s Holiday Village

Beautiful little cottages, lovingly decorated and with a personal sauna in each cottage.  So pretty.

During December night time comes early, so you’ll have the magic of Christmas lights everywhere and, if you’re lucky, even your own Christmas tree on your cottage porch.

You can book your accommodation at Santa’s Holiday Village through the trusted link above.

While staying at Santa’s Holiday Village do visit:

  • Santa Clause Village and Office
  • Santa Clause’ Main Post Office
  • Christmas House of Santa
  • Santapark
  • Mrs Clause’ Christmas Cottage
  • Elf’s Farmyard
  • Arctic Circle Husky Park


You can’t miss the cozy Santa’s Cuisine Restaurant in the heart of Santa Claus Holiday Village. 

Oh and remember to get some hot chocolate at the Three Elves Restaurant as well in Santa’s Village.

You can also visit

Rovaniemi Finland
Lapland places to stay

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There are lots to keep you busy in Santa’s Village and it is definitely one of the best Instagrammable spots in the world.

In my opinion the whole experience of meeting Santa Clause and staying in the Santa Clause Holiday Village is so special.  Remember to take lots of photos because this is memories you will tell your grandchildren one day.

Remember to

  • Look for the Northern Lights
  • Visit the Reindeer Farm and go on a Reindeer sleigh ride.
  • Visit Santa’s Post Office and send a postcard from Santa’s Village to.. (maybe to yourself at home?)
  • Order a letter from Santa for someone special.
  • Take a photo as you cross the Arctic Circle in the village.
  • Shop for souvenirs – maybe something for your Christmas tree at home?
  • Needless to say – Dress warm.

This will be a holiday that you’ll never forget.

3 Steps to your Holiday

Take these easy steps to arrange your Most Magical Holiday Ever.


Step 1:  Book your accommodation (there are more links below for you to compare price and book).

Step 2:  Book your flight here .

Step 3Enjoy your holiday, because you now have accommodation, free airport transfers and cheap flights all arranged to a place that offers you everything.

Well done and Enjoy.

More THINGS TO DO at your favorite destination

If you love to learn more about the local history and culture you must visit the museum and arctic Science Centre Arktikum (also see video below) and Korundi House of Culture. Also visit to forest-themed Science Centre Pilke.  All three of these are easily accessed when you buy the Culture Pass.

Here are a few suggestions on extra fun activities the whole family would love:  You can book them right here on the links below.

Also read about Budapest and the amazing Christmas Markets there.

Is Finland expensive

More things to do while you're there

The Arktikum

Take a virtual tour of Rovaniemi’s Arktikum

A 172 m glass tube pointing to the North which houses the Regional Museum of Lapland.  Then when you get to Rovaniemi go see it in real life.  Quite impressive.

My favorite things to do in Lapland

Did I mention you just have to do a sleighride?  Dog-sleigh or Reindeer Sleigh it doesn’t matter.  They are both unique experiences and definitely something you’ll remember for ever and ever.

Lapland and Rovaniemi best Christmas destination to visit Father Christmas Santa

Photo:  Judith Prins

Rovaniemi's Arctic Snow Hotel

Stay in the Arctic Snow Hotel with its Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar. 

  • Overnight in a glass Igloo and enjoy a 360 view of the arctic skies and northern lights.
  • The SnowHotel and Glass Igloos are located on the Arctic Circle at approximately 26 kilometers from the town of Rovaniemi in Finland. Shuttle services are available or you can rent a car (see link at top of the page above).
  • A Once in a Lifetime Experience:  “As the temperature inside is all the time between 0 and -5C degrees and the guests are sleeping in sleeping bags, only one night stay is recommended as you get the once-in-a-lifetime experience already after one night. Overnight is not recommended for children under 5 years old.” – The Snow Hotel
  • Check out their website to see more photos and get more info on how to book.

You may find some of the places to stay, as mentioned above a bit expensive, so here are more options, which might be more budget-friendly:

Popular places to stay near Santa's Village

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