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Alpes de Haute Provence

Why not save money when you visit museums in Alpes de Haute Provence, France!? To promote tourism and share the rich heritage of this region, travelers can benefit from a museum passport that is valid for two adults. In addition to that, it is not time-restricted! 

For lovers of museums, buying the passport makes sense when you consider the 4th, 8th, and 12th visits are free.

Immerse yourself into history, natural sciences, heritage, or fine arts. At museum sites where an entry fee is applicable, you must have your passport stamped

Mankind occupied the Verdon region for 400,000 years. Learn about its ancient past.

  • Bléone and Verdon, Digne-Les-Bains: Gassendi Museum for art, natural sciences, and local history. 
  • Bléone and Verdon, Quinson: At Prehistory museum of the Verdon gorges you will “relive several hundred of thousand years, from the Paleolithic to the Age of Metals, by offering both archeological pieces that are unique in the world and reconstructions of scenes from the daily life of our distant ancestors”.
  • Bléone and Verdon, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie: Earthenware Museum
  • Durance, Sisteron:  Gallo-Roman Museum (free entry)
  • Luberon, Forcalquier: Municipal museum (free entry)
  • Luberon, Mane: Walk around at the Salagon, museum and gardens home to more than 1,700 cultivated plants.
  • Provence, Vachères: For the landscape of yesterday and today, visit the Pierre Martel Museum where you will find a presentation of the rocks that make up the current landscape and more particularly the limestone platelets of the Oligocene (30 million years ago). Furthermore, these plaques have evidence of finely fossilized animals and plants.
  • Ubaye, Barcelonnette: Museum of the Valley, La Sapinière 

It is inevitable that you will find yourself at a museum with a theme of your choice, during your stay in the Alps de Haute Provence. We hope you will take up this brilliant offer to save money when you visit museums in Alpes de Haute Provence, France!

Happy museum-hopping!

FRANCE Alps de Haute Provence Museum Passport
Click here to print the 25-page Museum Passport. It is in French. Alternatively, ask for your Museum Passport to be issued at any one of the listed museums.