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Procida worth visiting?

Absolutely. Procida really is a speck of an island in an area of only 4.1 km² but don’t let the size fool you. Dynamite comes in small bottles. This island has such an easy laid-back feel and sense of community spirit. 

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The people are super friendly. For instance, in no time did I knock up a conversation with an islander about their beautiful St Bernard dog. The dog had such character, and I found the same everywhere around the island. This little island has character, and its inhabitants are like one big family. At least, that’s my interpretation.

Many islanders are seafarers and they still get to enjoy the tranquility after a trip out on the seas.

The tradition of seafarers is quite strong and so the island today boasts a very popular maritime academy.

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Where is Procida?

Procida lies between Ischia and the Southern Italian mainland, off the coast of Naples. 

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What is Procida famous for?

The 1994 Oscar-winning movie Il Postino was filmed partially in Corricella. Another movie, The Talented Mr Ripley, was filmed in Mongibello in 1999 (featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, and Matt Damon). Not bad for such a tiny island, right!?

Despite these two accolades, the island is a hidden gem in the sense that it’s not high on the tourists’ list of places to visit. 

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But things may change, so best you get to Procida as soon as possible. For the first time ever, the coveted accolade of Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022, went to an island. And this time, yes, you’ve guessed it, Procida! No doubt, the sought-after accolade will increase tourism to the island.

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10 Things to do in Procida

If you’re looking for night clubs, luxury lodging options, and entertainment, you’re at the wrong spot. Then I suggest Capri. Here it’s like I said earlier on, it’s about traditions and community and life. It’s all about authenticity.

  1. There are many narrow alleyways through the main town to explore and stop for a refreshment or two, of some sort. Cyclists are biking through the same alleyways while people are meandering and scooters claiming their space too. It just comes naturally, the blending of pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, and the little bit of traffic sharing the same space. I found the alleyways quite incredible. And more so to see how a bus can squeeze through such a narrow alleyway!
  2. Enjoy the best seafood you can get in one of the many street cafes.
  3. Walk around the quaint Port of Corricella with its many fishing boats.
  4. Go to the isolated Chiaia beach, which is a small paradise. The only thing is you can get there on foot or by sea, and that’s it. By foot, you have to climb down 186 steps from Piazza Olmo, or take Via dei Bagni from Piazza San Giacomo. Prepare to have a light lunch here overlooking the black sand beach with its very blue waters. It’s a different holiday experience, and it’s beautiful.
  5. Other beaches are Postino beach Ciraccio beach, La Lingua beach, Silurenza beach, and Chiaiolella beach (you can take some beautiful photos of the rock formations), to name but a few.
  6. Terra Murata is an old walled town, overlooking Corricella harbor. There is an old prison here, with guided tours about its previous ‘residents’. The prison is no longer in use but it used to imprison some of Italy’s most violent criminals up to 1988.
  7. Palazzo D’Avalos is an old castle in Terra Murata, dating back to the 16th century.
  8. One of the outstanding religious sites is Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo, dating back to the 11th-century. The church sits on a hill, so you get to enjoy some amazing views too! If you don’t feel like walking the hill, take the C2 bus instead.
  9. And near the church is the Museo Casa di Graziella where you go back in time and see how the locals lived. 
  10. Isola di Vivara is a protected nature reserve on an islet connected by a bridge (with beautiful views) to Procida. 
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In conclusion, having had a peep into the beautiful undersubscribed hidden gem of a holiday destination, it’s time to plan your trip to Procida.

How expensive is Naples?

Lying in the Gulf of Napoli, it’s best to compare the average costs of the region as a guideline to plan your holiday budget. Especially since you’d be traveling not only this captivating island but most probably also Ischia or Capri, and a few other stunning places to see in Italy.

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Can you get to Procida by ferry?


Where to stay

How many days to stay in Procida?

Ideally, you can plan to stay 2 to 3 days which gives you enough time to enjoy and explore without rushing.