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Go shopping in Plaka, while visiting the Acropolis in Athens Greece

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Plaka is one of the prettiest places you can visit in Athens

Plaka is a historic neighborhood in Athens, Greece, located just below the Acropolis.  So, we highly recommend that you add this stop to your itinerary.  It is definitely worth a visit.

what is there to discover

Once you enter Plaka, you’ll find a network of narrow, charming streets filled with shops, restaurants, and historic sites. Plaka is known for its historical charm with winding streets, neoclassical architecture, and a relaxed atmosphere. It provides a unique glimpse into the traditional Greek way of life.

The neighborhood is filled with traditional Greek tavernas and restaurants where you can savor authentic Greek cuisine. It’s a great place to enjoy a leisurely meal in a cozy atmosphere.  You’ll love the streets, shops, and the lively Greek atmosphere while sipping away on your ouzo.

It’s also a great place to pick up unique gifts or keepsakes.

Greek Tavernas and Cafés

Plaka is dotted with traditional Greek tavernas and cafés. These establishments not only serve delicious Greek cuisine but also offer an authentic atmosphere. Dining in one of these establishments, especially at one of the many available outdoors, allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and culinary traditions.

Many tavernas and cafés feature live traditional music performances. The melodic sounds of bouzouki and other traditional instruments add to the enchanting atmosphere, creating a lively and joyful ambiance.

Places to see near the Acropolis in Athens must visit destinations in Greece

How to get there from the Acropolis

Getting to Plaka from the Acropolis is straightforward, as it’s in close proximity. Here are directions on how to get from the Acropolis to Plaka:

  • Begin at the Acropolis, which is a prominent ancient site in Athens. The Acropolis is easily accessible and well-signposted in the city.
  • From the Acropolis, head down the slope towards the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • As you descend, you’ll likely see signs pointing towards Plaka. Follow the signs to make your way to the entrance of Plaka.  Plaka’s main entrance is often considered to be near the intersection of Dionysiou Areopagitou Street and Kyrristou Street. Dionysiou Areopagitou Street is a pedestrian street that runs along the southern slope of the Acropolis.
  1. Alternative Route:

    • Another route is to walk through Anafiotika, a scenic and picturesque area that feels like a Greek island village. It’s a bit of a hidden gem nestled on the northern side of the Acropolis. If you venture into Anafiotika, a part of Plaka, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto a Greek island. The architecture and atmosphere in this area are reminiscent of the Cycladic islands, providing a unique and charming experience. 


  1. Public Transportation:

    • If you prefer public transportation, you can take a bus or metro to the Syntagma Square area and then walk to Plaka. Syntagma Square is not far from the Acropolis and serves as a transportation hub.
How to get to Plaka Walk via Anafiotika
A view of the Acropolis from Anafiotika

Things to do

While technically not in Plaka but very close, visiting the Acropolis is a must. Marvel at the ancient architecture, including the Parthenon, and enjoy panoramic views of Athens from the top.

Most Popular/famous Shopping streets

In Plaka, Athens, there are several popular shopping streets where you can find a variety of shops and boutiques. However the most well-known shopping street in Plaka is

  • Adrianou Street: This is one of the main streets in Plaka and is known for its vibrant atmosphere. It’s lined with shops selling a range of items, including jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, and traditional Greek products. Adrianou and Kidathineon intersection is a bustling area with a concentration of shops and cafes. It’s a lively spot where you can explore various shops and enjoy a break in one of the nearby cafes.

Travel Tip(s)

Look for free cancellation options: Some hotels offer free cancellation up until a certain date. Booking accommodations with free cancellation can provide flexibility in case your plans change.

Check the map view: has a map view feature that shows the location of hotels. This can help you identify accommodations in areas that are both desirable and affordable.

Streets of Plaka is beautiful

Visit the Museum of music

The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments (Fivos Anoyanakis): Located in Plaka, this museum showcases a fascinating collection of traditional Greek musical instruments. It offers insight into the country’s musical heritage.

For more information on museums you can visit in Athens, visit this site:  Museums of Athens

Shops for traditional Greek products

  • Fontini’s Deli – For beautiful Food and Drink (gifts)
  • Amalthia’s – Speciality & Gift Shop – Traditional Greek products:  Location – Store A, Vironos 9, Plaka
Travel Tip(s)

If you’re planning to hop between Greek islands, knowing about island groups helps you save money while enjoying awesome adventures. It’s like smart travel on a budget without missing out on amazing experiences.

Top 3 Best Restaurants in Plaka, Athens

Best places to eat in Plaka Athens
Courtesy of The Old Taverna of Psarras
  • Strofi Athenian Restaurant – has a roof terrace for amazing Acropolis views.  Strofi is one of the most historic restaurants in Athens. It has been setting its tables since 1975.
  • The Old Taverna of Psarras – Located “just a few meters from the well-known steps of Monsikleus, at the intersection of Erechtheos and Erotokritou Streets, it is located in a beautifully landscaped neoclassical building, the historic restaurant “Palia Taverna tou Psara” (“Old Fisherman’s Tavern”) since 1898. A point of reference for those who love good Greek cuisine.”
  • Yiasemi – Jasmin:   This café-bistro is very popular and always busy.  As it is also a beautiful spot to just sit and relax while enjoying wonderful food. Nestled along the steps of Mnisikleous, a pathway leading to the Acropolis, lies an ideal setting to savor the authenticity of a traditional Greek coffee. Expertly prepared in a briki, this aromatic delight is complemented by the option to enhance your experience by ordering a delicious homemade pie, creating a perfect blend of flavors and traditions.

On Yiasemi’s website, I read the following:  “Dear stranger and friend, when I only have one egg left in my pantry, it is the yolk I keep for you.”  (from an old Chinese poem) – isn’t it beautiful?

Also check out Restaurant Scholarhio – An old school Taverna serving traditional Greek food. 

Where:  Tripodon 14, Athina 105 58, Greece

Places to stay in Plaka

Search more than 300 places to stay in Plaka and find the one that is best for you.
Plaka in Athens Greece has many beautiful shopping streets
Plaka has many beautiful shopping streets. If you love browsing, you'll love to walk around - bring comfortable shoes.

Plaka is A must-visit destination for travelers to Athens

Despite being a popular tourist destination, Plaka maintains a relaxed and laid-back pace. It’s a place where you can take leisurely walks, sit in a café and watch the world go by, or engage in unhurried conversations with locals.  In essence, visiting Plaka is not just about seeing historical sites or trying local cuisine; it’s about immersing yourself in a sensory experience that captures the essence of Greek culture and hospitality. The charm, authenticity, and the overall ambiance make Plaka a destination worth savoring.