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If you’re looking for a fabulous and unique place to stay, you might find just what you are looking for right here. 

Our trusted partners have a huge variety of places you can go to for fabulous holidays.  Hideaways, country retreats, or pamper places, you have the choice.  Treat yourself:  After all, you’re worth it.

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It is nice to breakaway to a place that is…..well, different, unique and special.  We all need time to enjoy the special things in life.  Make special memories that last for a lifetime.

Whether you love camping or glamping, traveling the world on a budget or in style, we have it all covered.  There is something for every budget and the pets (or kids) as well.

Tiny houses, holiday homes, apartments, spa hotels or villas, something special, just for you.

Unique, unusual and different places to stay, or maybe just that cozy farm stay that brings back memories…

Please use our links above (it will be at no extra cost to you) and book your accommodation around the world.  Together we can help create an awesome holiday experience.

More unique and unusual places to stay:  Link to article on specific, unique destinations.

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Oh yes and before we forget: Check this out!  We have a page with some fabulous Travel Specials and a page where you can do all your DIY travel bookings.  Be your own travel agent and save money.

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Dreaming of a holiday in Phuket Thailand?  Find some fabulous and unique places to stay:  Link to great accommodation options in Thailand.

Stop dreaming - Book that beautiful place - You deserve it!

We all dream of staying in beautiful places.  Part of the fun when going on a vacation is to say at the best place you can afford.  Sometimes you’ll find those hidden gems:  beautiful places, not so expensive, yet it is a fabulous place to stay.  Or you might find that unique place that is like no other.  Renting a villa, staying on a farm, or a beachfront view is easily within your reach using our links here on this page.  By using our links you will not pay anything extra, but you will help us to bring you more beautiful places in the future.  So you can dream of that apartment in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the villa in the South of France, a glamping spot in beautiful South Africa, that family holiday rental near the beach, or the ryokan experience that will be an everlasting memory.

So start planning.  Search for that fabulous glamping spot or that beautiful apartment with a stunning view.  Book online and you’re set for a fabulous holiday. 

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Step 3:  Book your car rental or airport transfer, if needed.

Step 4:  You can easily book fabulous activities for your holiday.