How to transform your garden by adding an outdoor fountain from your travel memories

The sound of water trickling, ever so softly, has brought a sense of calmness to millions of people throughout mankind. It’s the familiar voice of an outdoor fountain, or it’s a bit of nostalgia from a European holiday.

Traveling in Europe you see fountains everywhere. From ancient Roman and baroque designs to more modern features. I guess every tourist has a photo or two of such timeless water features.  So the question is, why not create a little sweet spot in your own back, or front, yard featuring a water fountain? Particularly one that reminds you of an awesome European holiday? 

It’s easy to include those beautiful memories in your garden landscape.

zurichfigureartsculpturewaterswitzerlandgardensummerstill lifeatmosphericfishbadeuropenatural stone
You can replace the fish with any other sea creature.  
fountainnatural stonemarbledwaterraypfaffikonzurichswitzerland

Outdoor fountains, less is more

To begin with, we start with some really simple designs, but very popular all over Europe. I guess its popularity is because it is such a natural-looking feature. 

Both features were snapped in Switzerland.  In both instances, natural stone was used.  

But, less is still more. For instance, below is the ancient version of a stone water drink fountain, sighted in an Italian village.  

Fountain Water Drink Stone Village Ancient 1

Stone ball

With the water trickling from the top of the stone ball to the slab surface, this is guaranteed to be a beautiful decorative feature in any garden. 

Fountain Decorative Fountains Stone Ball Water

The Frog Prince

The basin is made of stone bricks with rocks placed randomly inside. In this instance, a sculptured frog prince, in a French village, oversees the water trickling from the bronze ball.

frog princefountaincrownfairy talesfroggoldballstonessage

Quarry Stone

How easy is this, but yet so captivating!? The quarry stone basin, spotted in Italy, is set on a “table” from a similar stone. The simple copper tube serves as the water “jet” slowly trickling into the basin from where the water is again channeled to the “jet”.

Fountain Quarry Stone Water Basin Mount

The Drinking Fountain

A popular scene all over Europe, but just as easily installed in your own garden. The stone pillar (sighted in Hungary) with four water jets, one on each side, is probably one of the most photographed styles. 

fountainstone fountainwaterwater fountainsourcewater jetdrinkfaucetdrinking waterwater basinrefreshmentliquidwetwater dispenser

Create the ultimate outdoor space, with a bit of help…

Of course, not everyone is up to DIY projects, and for those individuals, there is help on its way.  We’ve gone to great lengths to select outdoor fountains that will create a similar ambiance. 

You too can add a sense of tranquility to your home. Coupled with one or two more modern styles, we believe there is an outdoor fountain for everyone’s taste and pocket. 

Submit a photo of YOUR outdoor fountain

We'd love to hear from you if you created a sweet spot in your garden with an outdoor fountain in memory of a European holiday. The five best photos with your anecdotes will feature in our next publication!

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