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Today we’re making pasta that has its origin in Apulia, in the South of Italy.  Sharing an easy traditional

Orecchiette Recipe

Pronunciation: oh-reck-ee-ET-te. 

It literally means “little ears”, which is obvious from the shape of the pasta.

Easiest and best traditional orecchiette pasta recipe from Italy visit Bari

Technically you only need 1 ingredient, as we normally don’t count water and salt as an official ingredient.  So this is a wow-recipe if you’re looking for low budget recipes to feed a family.

Although you can buy this in shops around the world, there are still a goodness in making your own at home. 

It is easy to make (even if you don’t have the shape 100% correct) – and it will taste fantastic.

And the best news is, to make this traditional Italian recipe, you only need two ingredients:  Flour & Water.

These days Orecchiette are still being made by hand in the region of Apulia (Puglia), the heel of Italy, for Sunday lunch with family and friends.

Italian Cuisine


  • 1 cup of boiled water (at room temperature – cooled enough to handle)


Traditional recipes form the Bari Region in Italy

There is no need to worry how you’re going to feed your family.  If you have this recipe in your house, you have options.  Just add a basic home made tomato sauce (or one made of canned Italian tomatoes) and some fresh  basil, and you’ve got a feast.

How to make Orecchiette:

  • Mix the flour and salt.  Adding a little bit of water at a time, mix all the ingredients.  (Add as much water as needed to make a sticky but compact dough.)
  • Knead the dough until elastic and smooth for about 10 minutes.  (Don’t worry its a good workout as well.  LOL)
  • Let the dough rest for about 15 minutes.
  • Roll out strings of dough (about 1 cm thick).  
  • Slice and pinch into shape.

Now the “slice and pinch” part can be tricky to explain, as the region of Bari has its own traditional way of shaping the orecchiette.


Therefore we’ve added a video on how the Italian Pasta Grannies in the region of Bari, make their pasta.  (And there is a bonus of them showing the best sauce to make with the pasta.) Check this out:

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