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New Orleans - The city of festivals

I remember the song:  It’s a long long way down the Mississippi….It’s a long long way to New Orleans.  By Barbara Ray.

New Orleans is indeed a city on the Mississippi River.  This town near the Gulf of Mexico is famous for its vibrant parades, street parties, and carnivals.   It has a busy nightlife and is famous as a “musical city” with fantastic cuisine.

Best things to do in New Orleans
New Orleans best Mardi Gras Why it is celebrated

Halloween in the city

Having said all the above, this surely makes for an interesting holiday destination.  Adding the fact that New Orleans is also one of the best places to celebrate Halloween, as it is known to be one of the most “haunted” cities, you can bank on a lot of fun.

Halloween Celebrations are huge in New Orleans and are considered as one of the best places to join in the fun.  The official New Orleans Halloween parade has been famous since 2007.  Homes in the uptown are decorated and Frenchman Street is a buzz with costumes and tourists everywhere. 

When is the best time to visit

The best time to visit surely is in the Mardi Gras season which is from January to March, but keeping in mind this is also peak season.

During August and September you are more likely to get cheaper flights and the tourist spots are not so busy. 

October is therefore also a great month to visit if you love the fall festival season and Halloween Celebrations.


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Mardi Gras Celebrations in New Orleans - A unique and fabulous experience for any world traveler.

Best reasons to visit New Orleans things to do top things to do in New Orleans Why you should visit
Why you should visit New Orleans

There are many reasons to visit New Orleans, including its vibrant culture, rich history, and unique attractions. Here are a few reasons why you might consider visiting:

  • Music: New Orleans is known as the birthplace of jazz music, and the city has a thriving music scene that includes jazz, blues, funk, and other genres. From the live music clubs of Frenchmen Street to the legendary Preservation Hall, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the city’s musical heritage.
  • Food: New Orleans is famous for its cuisine, which blends Creole and Cajun influences with other regional and international flavors. Whether you’re craving a classic po’ boy sandwich or a plate of jambalaya, you’ll find plenty of delicious options to choose from.

  • Festivals: New Orleans is home to numerous festivals throughout the year, including Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and the French Quarter Festival. These events showcase the city’s unique culture and traditions, and provide an opportunity to experience the city at its liveliest.

  • Architecture: New Orleans is home to a wealth of historic architecture, including ornate Creole cottages, grand antebellum mansions, and iconic shotgun houses. Walking tours of the city’s historic neighborhoods is a great way to explore these architectural gems.

  • Hospitality: New Orleans is known for its warm and welcoming hospitality, and visitors to the city are often struck by the friendliness of the locals. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at a local restaurant or wandering the streets of the French Quarter, you’re likely to be greeted with a smile and a friendly conversation.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you might consider visiting New Orleans. Whether you’re interested in music, food, history, or just soaking up the unique atmosphere of this vibrant city, there’s something for everyone in New Orleans.

Top 3 Things to do:

It’s hard to narrow down the top things to do in New Orleans, as there are so many unique and interesting attractions to choose from. However, here are three experiences that are not to be missed:

  • Explore the French Quarter: The French Quarter is the heart of New Orleans, and it’s a great place to start your visit. Stroll along the narrow streets and soak up the colorful architecture, lively street performers, and historic landmarks such as Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. Be sure to try some beignets and café au lait at Café Du Monde, a New Orleans institution.

  • Enjoy live music: New Orleans is known for its vibrant music scene, and there are many venues throughout the city where you can catch a live show. Some popular spots include Preservation Hall, Tipitina’s, and The Spotted Cat. From jazz and blues to funk and brass bands, there’s a style of music for everyone to enjoy.

  • Experience Mardi Gras: If you’re lucky enough to be in New Orleans during Mardi Gras season, be sure to take part in the festivities. Attend a parade or two, try on a colorful costume or mask, and catch some beads or other “throws” that are tossed from parade floats. It’s a unique and unforgettable experience that’s not to be missed.

These are just a few of the many things to do in New Orleans, but they are three experiences that are sure to give you a taste of the city’s unique culture and charm.

MORE:  Experience the history behind the city and the traditions of bygone years.  When Visiting New Orleans the iconic steamboat experience should definitely be on your itinerary.  The Sunday Brunch Steamboat Jazz Cruise is very popular and you have to experience Jazz the New Orleans way.

  • Visit the National World War II Museum.
  • Visit the Garden District:  Take a trip to the Garden District. The area is easily accessible and walkable, but there are walking tours available.  Here you’ll find grand historic mansions, beautiful traditional New Orleans architecture, and lavish gardens.  You might also spot Sandra Bullock’s house if you’re lucky.  (However, you need to know her personally to go visit. LOL)  You may however take a look at the following historic homes:
  • Walter Grinnan Robinson House (1859) – Address: 1415 Third Street
  • Brevard House (1857) – Anne Rice’s house.
  • Payne-Strachan House – Address:  1134 First Street
  • Joseph Carroll House (1869) – Address:  1315 First Street
  • Bradish Johnson House (1872) – Addess:  2343 Prytania Street

The Oak tree lined streets and beautiful architecture is really a pretty part of New Orleans. 

The St. Charles Avenue streetcar runs through the Garden district and it is the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world. (Operated since 1835.)

It’s also the home to some of the best restaurants, shops and the popular attraction of Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.

Where to stay

Best travel tips for visiting New Orleans:

Travel Tip(s)

One of the best travel tips for visiting New Orleans is to be open to the city’s unique culture and way of life. New Orleans is a city with a distinct personality and a rich history, and it’s important to approach your visit with an open mind and a willingness to experience new things.

Here are a few more tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • Stay in or near the French Quarter: The French Quarter is the heart of New Orleans, and it’s a great place to stay if you want to be close to the city’s top attractions. There are plenty of hotels, inns, and vacation rentals in and around the French Quarter, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and budget. 

  • Be prepared for the weather: New Orleans can be hot and humid, especially during the summer months, so be sure to dress appropriately and stay hydrated. It’s also a good idea to pack a raincoat or umbrella, as the city is prone to sudden rain showers.

  • Explore beyond the French Quarter: While the French Quarter is a must-visit destination, there’s much more to New Orleans than just this one neighborhood. Consider taking a streetcar ride through the Garden District, visiting the historic cemeteries, or taking a swamp tour to experience the city’s natural surroundings.

By keeping these tips in mind and being open to new experiences, you’re sure to have a wonderful time exploring the unique and vibrant city of New Orleans.


Once named by travelers as “the most dangerous city in the US”, you do have to take precaution when visiting, but there is still a lot to enjoy and New Orleans is a beautiful city to explore. The safest way to explore New Orleans is to book with a travel group:  Especially if you are looking for those mysterious “haunted experiences” or “graveyard tours”.  Never travel alone.  Always take a travel buddy with you.  Below are some trusted guided tours you can join for awesome experiences.

International airport

Louis Armstrong International (MSY) is the city’s primary airport and is located in the suburb of Kenner.