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Lake Moraine

When traveling to explore beautiful Lake Louise in Canada (a popular tourist destination), you might wonder:  What is there to see near Lake Louise?  Well, one hidden gem that is definitely worth a visit, is Moraine Lake.

It is only 14 kilometers outside Lake Louise, Alberta in Canada.

Why you should visit

Moraine Lake is a beautiful glacially-fed lake in the ever-popular Banff National Park, situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.  At an elevation of approximately 1,884 meters and covering an area of about 50 hectares, this is really a destination worth visiting.  

The combination of the clear, turquoise water, and the mountains is just spectacular.  Worth spending some time?  Yes definitely.

This beautiful alpine lake with its beautiful turquoise blue color is set against the stunning backdrop of the Ten Peaks.  Although millions of visitors each year enjoy this splendid sight, it still remains a hidden gem to make tourists, as they often only keep to the top 10 places to visit.  We think Lake Moraine should definitely be on your Canadian travel itinerary.

Did you know?

This beautiful are once graced Canada’s twenty-dollar bill.

Moraine Lake (Lac Moraine) in Alberta, Canada

The best time to visit

Due to its elevation, the best time to witness its brilliant color is from June to October.  (This is also the only time of the year tourists without special knowledge can visit.)  The rest of the year, the lake remains mostly frozen.  Due to the roads being often closed, it is not always easy to reach, but at any time of the year, it is a beautiful sight.

Mid-June to August will have the best weather conditions.

HOWEVER – and this is important –  “Unless you’re an experienced adventurer with avalanche knowledge, you can only visit Moraine Lake from June to October. The road is closed the rest of the year because it is snow-covered and crosses avalanche paths.” – Banff

You can cross-country ski, or snowshoe in the winter, but please do so only if you have some avalanche knowledge. 

As private vehicles have been banned (at the moment of this article), the only way to see the lake is to use the Park & Ride shuttle, and Roam Transit, hire a private tour operator, have a disabled car tag, or hike up to the lake.  You can also go by bike.  We do recommend using a trusted tour operator (see links below of operators we make use of).

The Park and Ride parking lot is located at Lake Louise Ski Resort with direct buses to Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. 

For updated info on the shuttle service if you would like to arrange your own transport, you can go to:  Parks reservations.

Hiking Adventures

There are several fantastic hikes and walks around the lake.  One of which is the most famous Rockpile Trail that leads to the “Twenty Dollar View.”

From here you’ll have the best photo opportunities.

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