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Ideas and an easy recipe for meringues

Have fun with them !

You can pipe any shape of meringue onto a baking sheet, and then dry them out thoroughly in a oven on very low, minimal heat.  Your imagination is the only limit. 

Change the color, change the shape, change what you use it for and be creative.  Here are a few fabulous ideas on what to do with the very basic meringue recipe:

Little girl or boy's birthday party

Use different piping nozzles to create different shapes and in different sizes.  Pipe them all close together on a baking sheet.  Add a kebab stick and you’ve got pretty lollipop decorations for the party…which is edible as well.  The kids will love them.

(Hint:  If you don’t want the kiddie to over indulge in sweet stuff, just tell them they are only for decorations.  You can always use them again afterward.)

Be playful with the colors – you can do them in the color scheme of your party.

Idea for girl or baby birthday make meringue lollypops for a little girls birthday party
Ideas with meringues wedding recipe for meringues

A bit of romantic flair

Using plain white meringues and combining them with white spring blossoms, create the most delicate decoration ever.  Perfect for a wedding or a very special birthday cake.

Placing them on top of a cake, or even using them as a photo background on the big day when photographing the wedding rings…  they look beautiful.

This is perfect for any occasion with a white and green color scheme.

Go dotty

Low on budget, but wanting to make a statement?

Use meringues in different colors as part of your next ladies tea, stork party, high tea, … you name it…  

It will brighten any tea table.  Bringing a smile to your guests as they dig back to their childhood memories.  Place them on pretty stands as centerpieces.  Gently add them to a bowl filled with chocolates, as an after dinner treat.  Or place them on the inside of the teaspoon next to a teacup, ready to serve. 

(Just be careful for them not to touch a warm teacup, as they could easily melt.)

Tea party ideas stork party ideas lady tea ideas with meringue recipe
Home made gift ideas for Christmas make your own gifts meringue recipe and ideas

Giving the gift of love

Send your guests home with a “Swiss kiss” or a few “Swiss kisses”…

Placing meringues in a beautiful teacup, tying a few ribbons, in a beautiful glass bowl, wrapped in cellophane, or in a beautiful basket or gift box….  giving meringues as a home-made gift, can be very special. 

The bonus?

It looks beautiful as well.  For the book lover, you can add a nice book to read, and you have the perfect gift.  Build up your own combinations, like chocolates and meringue, a basket of meringues with some other baking ingredients for the baking enthusiast.  A pretty container with meringues combined with a basket of fresh strawberries for that hopeless romantic friend of yours…  Be creative. 

Swiss Kisses

These delicate Swiss Kisses are often used as toppings for ice cream, cakes, puddings, etc.

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Did you know?

The invention of meringue in 1720 is attributed to a Swiss pastry cook named Gasparini

Often associated with French cuisine, people often mistakably think the origin is in France.  However it actually comes from Meiringen, ‎Switzerland.

Meiringen is situated in the Interlaken – Oberhasli administrative district, in the canton of Bern, in Switzerland.  One of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland and a travel destination that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Easy meringue recipe
How to make meringue


  • 4 egg whites (save the yolks for omelets)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¼ tsp cream of tartar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • a pinch of salt

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  • Separate the egg whites into a small bowl ensuring you don’t get any broken yolks in the bowl.
  • Add the cream of tartar and the pinch of salt to the bowl and begin to mix on low speed. Gradually increase the speed to high and mix until the egg whites are all frothy.
  • Sprinkling in only a tablespoon of sugar at a time. (Take your time. Don’t add large amounts all at once.)
  • Just as the meringue starts to make stiff peaks, add the vanilla.
  • If you’re adding color – add only a tiny amount of coloring in with a toothpick.
  • When piping your meringues, allow about two centimeters of space in between.
  • Place in the center of your preheated oven and bake at 100°C for about 1 hour. Keep the oven off and keep closed for another 1 – 2 hours.




***The meringue cookies are done when they’re light and dried throughout.

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