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Discover Mayrhofen - Popular vacation destination

Somewhere in the beautiful Tirol (Tyrol / or  Tirolo in Italian) lies the town of Mayrhofen.

Discover and visit Mayrhofen in Zillertal Tyrol Austria min

Often described as the ‘heart of the Alps’, and simply one of the most spectacular places ever. 

The combination of natural beauty, tradition, and awesome people makes this one of the best destinations in the world.  Yes we are in Austria, the home of “The sound of music” and when you look at the mountains you just want to sing “The hills are alive….”  (not that the film was made exactly here on this spot, but we’ll get to that later.)

Here, you’ll find the big city of Innsbruck as well as many small little villages with not even 1000 people living there; the big ski resorts and the little hidden gems. 

In winter the snow-covered mountain slopes and little villages all covered with their white snowy blankets are simply awesome.  In autumn a beautiful show of autumn color and in summer the most amazing jaw-droppingly beautiful scenes everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Tirol is worth a visit year-round.

Firstly, let me tell you that we do have members on our team that has only seen Austria in winter for ski trips – and that is fantastic.  It is an exceptional experience with some of the best ski slopes in the world.  Add to that cozy cabins with fireplaces all ready with Glühwein and cheese fondue and obviously, you have a winning combination.

But we also have the other half of our team that is simply super crazy about the summers in Austria.  Those that think there is no other time of the year to visit Tirol and that you are missing out on a lot if you only go in winter.  And that is the part of the team that is writing this post right now. 🙂  So here we go.

Looking at family holiday options in Tirol, Mayrhofen is the Must-See holiday destination:


What to expect – for the family:

Mayrhofen is a town in the Zillertal Valley, in the west Austrian province of Tirol (Tyrol).  A very popular ski resort town with loads of beautiful mountain biking paths and hiking options in the summertime.   

This pretty town is a great place for family holidays as it offers something for every member of the family:  from the very young to the teens and obviously the adults as well.  During summer, just walking and “getting lost” in the charming town and exploring the different shops, is a great activity and costs you nothing.  There are beautiful architecture and Scotland Yard pub is a popular stop should you get thirsty.  You can relax outside on the beautiful terrace and enjoy the beautiful vistas.  They also offer an outdoor game area with Pool, Table Tennis, and Table Soccer.

What to do when in Mayrhofner

Ahorn Mountain Restaurant

In my opinion, one of the must-see places in Mayrhofen is the Ahorn der Mayrhofner Bergbahnen / Ahorn Mountain Restaurant.  Also one of the best places to visit with children.  (see video)

Ahorn Eagle’s Stage

On the Ahorn mountain, easily accessible from Mayrhofen by the Ahornbahn cable car, the family can attend fantastic interactive shows with eagles, owls, and falcons at the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn (Adlerbühne Ahorn).  The show does come with awesome views as well, so try to keep your eyes only on the animals.  LOL

Music, Music and more Music

During Springtime (beginning of April) the Snowbombing festival is held here annually and it is a huge fun event for everyone. Zillertal is also known as “the valley of music” and the sounds of traditional brass bands and music groups continue throughout the alps as they teach and pass their knowledge onto the next generation.  So here you’ll find that young people also have a great love for their traditional music and there are quite a few very talented and awesome young bands that will impress any teenager… and their parents.  The summer music events bring you big names in Folk music like Marc Pircher, die Mayrhofner, Freddy Pfister Band, Ursprung Buam any many more.   We definitely recommend attending one of the many festivals or weekend music parties.  If unsure when in Mayrhofen, just ask the locals.  The nightlife and weekend parties are quite an experience and they will quickly tell you where to go for some fun.

Zillertal Adventure Dairy

A great idea is to visit ErlebnisSennerei, the show dairy in Hollenzen, a district of Mayrhofen.  Here you will learn more about the origin and production of hay milk products. It is an adventure for the whole family and with farm animals and interactive games for the kids, they also offer the experience to taste their products.  Their farm shop and the popular “Sennereiküche” restaurant (dairy kitchen) are well worth a visit.  All in all, this is a fun event for families.  

Adventure Pool – Mayrhofen

The “Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen” provides an indoor pool, outdoor pool, and wellness area and is a great place to spend a family day.

Featuring an indoor pool with an average temperature of 31 degrees a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, as well as waterfalls, and the “Schwimmbad-Stüberl” for those getting hungry. (Address:  Waldbadstrasse road 539 – 6290 – Mayrhofen)

Visit Mayrhofen where to stay what to do what to see what it is famous for vacation destination in Tirol Tyrol Zillertal Austria min

Strasser Häusl Museum

Home to one of the most loved Christmas carols of all time.

This charming 300-year-old building was home to the Strasser Family in the 19th century.

“Around 1832, when Gruber’s melody was performed by folk singers from Austria’s Ziller Valley (Zillertal), several musical notes were altered, and the “Silent Night” melody became what we know today.” – 

The museum has a special section dedicated to the interesting history of the Christmas song “Silent Night”.

visit Zillertal Austria Tirol Tyrol vacation in Mayrhofen best places min

…and with that said:

You simply must visit in winter as well, especially at Christmas time to experience the “Mayrhofner Advent am Waldfestplatz”.

In summary;  Mayrhofen is a beautiful place in the Zillertal valley.  The perfect place for family holidays and the perfect holiday destination all year round.

You will love the people, the traditions, the music, the food and especially the beautiful valley.  

No matter where you stop in Tirol, you will agree that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport is Innsbruck International (INN). By bus or train, about 2 hours from Mayrhofen. 

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