Cool things to do and Places to visit while in Portugal

Portugal is a fabulous country to visit and listing all of its wonders and beauty is simply impossible.  However, in our opinion, there are a few fabulous things you should keep in mind and place on you itinerary when visiting Madeira Portugal.

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Starting in Funchal

Vacation in Madeira all you need to know on what to do
Best things to do in Funchal Madeira

If you’re visiting the capital of the island Funchal, you simply must do a toboggan slide.  Everyone should try the toboggan ride at least once.  It is fun and it is a unique experience that will provide memories for a lifetime.

Best activities in Madeira

To get to the top of the island, you can take the cable car and enjoy fabulous panoramic views, or you can take a taxi.  Then take a toboggan ride down.  The ride starts right by the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte (church) and Botanical Gardens.

Which is another place you must visit.  The island is famous for its beautiful nature which includes the Botanical Gardens.

Best things to do in Madeira

More gardens we would definitely recommend you to visit, is the tropical gardens of Monte Palace Madeira.

Must do things in Madeira

Madeira is a wonderful place to go on nature hikes.  There are some of the best hiking trails in the world.  But when you’re on holiday there and you’re looking for a unique experience, you simply must do a Levada Walk (but do take a guide tour rather than doing it on your own the first time).

For nature lovers, walking alongside a levada (a system of water channels in the mountains) is one of the most unique experiences you can have while staying in Madeira.

Fun and Best things to do in Madeira

More Fun & Culture while in Madeira Portugal

Obviously you must enjoy a few good proper Portuguese meals while visiting.  Try the local wine and eat dinner in a restaurant while folk singers entertain you.  It is all part of the wonderful experience.

More Popular places

Popular places to visit in Portugal

You can go on the Santa Maria de Colombo ‘pirate’ ship.  They usually stop at Cabo Girão a popular lookout point, and you can experience Portuguese food and drink while onboard.

Cape Girao Lookout Point

You can visit the very impressive Mercado dos Lavradores – a fruit, vegetable, flower and fish market in Funchal.  It is quite an experience.  A visit to the famous Santana settlement is also a bucket list item.  You can watch our video below, for more information and beautiful scenery.

Most popular place to visit in Madeira

Porto Moniz is popular with locals and tourists.  It features natural lava pools where you can swim and has nice restaurants, so you can easily enjoy a day here.  Porto Moniz is definitely worth visiting and is  considered one of the top attractions on the island.

Explore the island of Madeira and surroundings

Visit the town of São Vicente.  here you’ll have the opportunity to take fabulous photos of one of Madeira’s most famous landmarks, a white clock tower, high above the town.  Then maybe take a walk through the São Vicente Caves Volcanic Caves.

If you like museums, visit the CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Museum where Ronaldo’s golden boots are, amongst other….

Take a sip of the local Poncha.  It is very strong, but the tourists love it.  Eat Bolo do Cako and have a local beer.  Enjoy the local cuisine and enjoy the culture.  You’ll have fun, you’ll love the vistas everywhere and you’ll want to come back again.