If ever there was a place close to my heart, it is the beautiful little coastal town of Kleinmond in South Africa.  Make no mistake, this is not a tourist mecca.  This is the place where you go and stay to enjoy a family holiday, some rest, peace, and beautiful nature.  Kleinmond has magnificent mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.  Sunsets, sunrise, mountain hikes, it is all spectacularly beautiful. 

Kleinmond South Africa

The lagoon area at the entrance to the town is a magical place for families with small kids.  We suggest packing a picnic basket and getting ready to spend the day.  The kids can swim and look for tiny fish or build sandcastles, while the adults take in the beautiful views.

Things to do in Kleinmond

As previously mentioned this town is just beautiful in nature.  Therefore early morning hikes to catch the sunrise on one side of the town and late evening hikes to catch the sunset on the other side of town are very popular.  You’ll get beautiful sunrise and sunset photos.  At sunset, don’t forget to look for the “silhouette of a face on the mountain” (it is clearly visible).  Rent a canoe and explore the safe lagoon area.  If you love golf, the magnificent Arabella Golf estate is just outside of town.  Furthermore, there are more than enough little shops and restaurants to keep you entertained in the road leading to the small harbor.

Betty’s Bay

Visit the nearby Harold Porter National Botanical Garden in the next door Betty’s Bay.  It is really beautiful and well worth a visit.  You can also see the penguins in Betty’s Bay at Stony Point Penguin Colony.

Where to stay in Kleinmond

Self-catering option

The luxury option:  Spoil yourself…

More accommodation options in Kleinmond, South Africa:

Travel Tip:  The best accommodation options go quickly, so book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

If you’re looking for a beautiful little seaside town, Kleinmond is for you, but don’t expect high street shopping or malls.  This is the place to get away from it all, although the holiday atmosphere is still really nice. Best bet?  Get a sea-facing holiday rental or spoil yourself and book in the Arabella Hotel.  Enjoy.

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