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How to Plan a Visit to Keukenhof Gardens

When thinking of, or planning a tour to a country famous for its flowers, the first country I think of, is Holland (that is apart from the Sakura Cherry blossoms in Japan).  The flower markets in Holland are famous all over the world and certainly, the most famous garden in the world, Keukenhof, is definitely worth a visit.

Let's look at 10 questions you might have before planning your trip to Keukenhof

1. What is Keukenhof famous for and, where is it located?

Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens located in Lisse, the Netherlands. It’s famous for its stunning displays of tulips and other spring flowers, and if you want to witness a spectacular sea of flowers, this is the place to go.

2. When is the best time to see the tulips in Holland?

In Holland, Tulips are at their best during mid-April and tulip season runs from January till mid-May. The exact timing may vary depending on the weather each year.

However, during our visit in April, the flowers were simply spectacular. Tulips are still available later in the year, but delaying your visit to Keukenhof might mean you won’t experience the mesmerizing sea of blossoms, and lets face it, this is a bucket list travel destination.

what to expect when you visit Keukenhof

It is less busy before 10:30 and after 16:00. It is also less busy on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday than on the other days of the week.  So, if possible, try to arrange your visit accordingly.

3. How do I get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam?

You can reach Keukenhof from Amsterdam by taking a direct bus from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or by taking a train to Leiden and then a bus to Keukenhof. It’s a convenient day trip from the city.

4. Is Keukenhof open year-round?

No, Keukenhof is not open year-round. It is only open during its spring season, typically from late March to mid-May. The rest of the year, it is closed to the public.

when is the best time to visit Keukenhof

Did you know that

During October they plant more than 7 million flower bulbs each year at Keukenhof! 

Can I take my own picnic to Keukenhof is there a food or snack bar coffee shop

5. Is Keukenhof wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Keukenhof is wheelchair accessible, and they provide facilities and services to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available for rent, and there are accessible paths throughout the park.

6. Can I bring my own picnic to Keukenhof?

Outside food and picnicking are generally not allowed inside the gardens, but trust us, you will love the experience of just sitting down for a while at one of the tables and having someone serve you, while you give your feet a chance to recover from all the walking.

As you can see in the photo, we couldn’t resist….  LOL

7. Can I purchase bulbs or flowers at Keukenhof to take home?

Yes, you can buy flower bulbs and souvenirs at Keukenhof. They have a dedicated shop where you can purchase tulip bulbs and other flower-related items to bring a piece of Keukenhof back home with you.

However, keep in mind if you are flying back to another country it might not be allowed by customs.  Check beforehand.

Can I purchase bulbs or flowers at Keukenhof to take home

8. Are drones allowed at Keukenhof for photography?

Thankfully not.  The use of drones is not allowed at Keukenhof. To ensure the safety and privacy of all visitors, drone flying is prohibited within the park.  After all, there are thousands of people who come to take photos, if drones were allowed it would be chaos and it would change the whole atmosphere.  Take your camera and enjoy photographing the flowers as you walk, up close and personally, and take in the time, to be part of nature for a day.

9. Are there places to sit and rest within Keukenhof?

Yes, you’ll find benches and seating areas throughout Keukenhof where you can take a break, enjoy the scenery, and relax. It’s a great opportunity to sit down and soak in the stunning views.

10.  Can I buy tickets to Keukenhof online in advance?

Yes, it is highly recommended to purchase tickets to Keukenhof online in advance. This not only saves you time waiting in line but also ensures you have a guaranteed entry on your preferred date.

We do advise that you buy your tickets online, especially if you don’t like standing in line for quite a while. 


You can walk the gardens on your own, but if you love a bit of extra information, fun trivia, and being part of a fun group, do book with one of the trusted tour operators.  (Refer to the easy booking links below.)

Travel Tips

Keukenhof and the Flower Parade

Address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof is undeniably one of the most stunning and renowned flower gardens in the world.

Try to attend the Keukenhof Flower Parade (Bloemencorso Bollenstreek). You can view the flower parade from the Keukenhof part of the route and combine the parade with a visit to the gardens. In the afternoon the Flower Parade will pass Keukenhof Gardens on the Keukenhof boulevard.  As this parade is world famous it is wise to plan well in advance.

  • 2024 – Saturday 20 April
  • 2025 – Saturday 12 April

Accommodation near Keukenhof - Where to stay

Where to stay near Keukenhof

(all less than 3 km) The place on the photo is De Groene Bollenschuur (very cute)

More Travel Tips:

  • If you’re not booking a day trip with one of our links, you can buy your tickets from Tickets can only be purchased online and the tickets are valid on a specific date during the opening season with arrival expected during a predetermined timeslot.
  • Luggage:  Smaller items can be stored in the lockers located next to the main entrance.
  • You can rent bicycles at the car park, next to the main entrance.  This is a great idea to explore the surrounding area by bike before or after your tour.
  • The safest, easiest, and I would almost say, the best way to explore the Netherlands and make sure you see all the tulips:  is to book a multi-day holiday tour.  Have a look at the fabulous Tours & Trips available in the Netherlands.

Travel Trivia

Is Holland and Netherlands the same thing?

People use the word ‘Holland’ when they refer to all of the Netherlands.  Actually, there are two provinces namely Noord and Zuid Holland, which together form Holland.  So this can be very confusing.  The official name of the country is the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  Therefore referring to the Netherlands as Holland is totally correct and accepted worldwide.

The Dutch people refer to themselves as ‘Nederlanders‘.   Touring the Netherlands and experiencing the flower tulips is an exceptional experience.  Something that definitely needs to be on your travel bucket list.


National Tulip Day in Amsterdam

National Tulip day is an exceptional experience in itself. Every year, Dutch tulip growers get together to build a huge garden from tulips. Dam Square in Amsterdam transforms into the biggest garden and a sea of color.  People come from all over the world to pick a bouquet of flowers.  This usually takes place on the third Saturday in January.

The pretty neighborhood and open-air museum called Zaanse Schans is only about 33 min away by car:   (47,4 km) via the A5.  There is a lot to explore at Zaanse Schans, which offers a historic village experience, with working windmills.

The International Airport:
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), known informally as Schiphol Airport (Dutch: Luchthaven Schiphol) 

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Things to do and places to go - Book Day tours with trusted operators

Book with these easy-to-use links below, for great day tours of Keukenhof and Amsterdam (and remember Giethoorn is also nearby):

A year in the life of Tulips in Holland

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The World's Biggest Flower Market

As flowers are a huge part of the Dutch culture, so have flower markets been part of their culture for generations and centuries

In fact, the biggest flower market in the world is definitely in Holland.  Royal Flora Holland is one of the largest digital/online flower auction companies in the world (if not the biggest), with headquarters in Aalsmeer, and locations in Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, and Eelde.

However, if you want the experience of walking amongst beautiful flowers in a street in Holland, there are 3 places you might want to visit:

Flower Markets Worth Visiting


  • Janskerkhof Bloemenmarkt (Location: Neude Janskerkhof en Domplein, 3512 JE Utrecht on Saturdays).  Here you can by everything from bulbs to plant pots.
  • Oudegracht (Location: Oudegracht 133, 3511 AH Utrecht)  
  • Leeuwarden Flower market (Bloemetjesmarkt) Every year on Ascension Day, Leeuwarden traditionally organizes a flower market – Holland’s longest market with a sea of flowers as far as the eye can see.  (Location:  right through the city’s center on the Nieuwestad, Wilhelminaplein, Ruiterskwartier, Wirdumerdijk und Schavernek.)

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