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Visit Beautiful Jain Temple in Mumbai

What it is famous for

Jain temples are the prettiest in India and naturally, famous for their beauty.  Particularly the Jain temple in Mumbai which is an architectural masterpiece.

Built I 1904, this popular place of religious significance is located in Walkeshwar area, this vibrant, ornate, and colorful temple is on Ridge Rd., Walkeshwar (Malabar Hill).

Also known as Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji, the shrine is dedicated to Adishwara – the founder of Jainism.

The meaning of Jain is path of victory temple mumbai india jainism min

What is Jainism about?

It is believed that Jainism originated in the 7th–5th century BCE in the east of India.

The meaning of “Jain” is “path of victory”. You can only achieve victory through a moral and spiritual lifestyle. In other words, your lifestyle must be based on Jainism’s three guiding principles. These ‘three jewels’ are:

  • Right belief;
  • Right knowledge; and
  • Right conduct.

So then, it is no surprise that Jains are among the most prosperous communities in Mumbai. For instance, several big businesses and industries are in the hands of Jains.

In addition to the above, the main principle is to live a life on non-violence (ahimsa). Violence in self-defense can be justified. Ordinarily, all life is sacred, and everything has a right to live without fear and to live to its maximum potential.

Despite being of different religion, I believe all of mankind can do with these four lifestyle principles!

Jain temples are the prettiest in India min

An architectural masterpiece

As you enter the temple, which is carved in white marble, you cannot miss the majestic two elephants on both sides of the main gate.

Visit Beautiful Jain Temple in Mumbai India min

The most beautiful carvings, frescos, and artwork gives the entire temple an appealing richness. Also, the artistically carved sculptures are very intriguing.

There are numerous images of different deities and great saints. For example, in the downstairs area, there is an image of Lord Ganesh, signifying previous ties between Hinduism and Jainism. Also, there is a small shrine dedicated to Shri Ghantakaran Mahavir (Jain deity).

In conclusion, this holy temple adorned with colorful paintings for Hindu and Jainism is well worth a visit, irrespective of your religion.

Directions to Jain Temple

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