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A dream Italian holiday - Plan your vacation in Italy

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So you’ve decided to go to Italy on that dream world holiday.  Now what?  No need to frantically search for info.  Let’s summarize and make it easy for you.  Here are 10 tips to book and enjoy a fantastic Italian holiday.


When dreaming of an Italian holiday, places come to mind like: Venice, Rome, Amalfi, Tuscany, and Milan.

The ‘Most Popular places to visit in Italy‘ or the ‘Best places to visit in Italy’ really depend on your own preference.

Don’t let other people decide on your behalf or get lost in the publicity “burst of information” on all the “standard places”. 

You might love an Italian coastal holiday while someone else might only prefer a Tuscan tour.  Think of what you’ve always dreamt of.  Was it a gondola ride in Venice or a beach day on the Amalfi coast?  Maybe a hiking trip because you love the outdoors?

Before you decide on where to go, refer to the section below “How do you choose”…

When to visit Italy

So the best time to visit Italy would surely be in summer if you’ve wanting to do some sightseeing and walkabouts. Therefore I would suggest Spring, Summer or Autumn. 

As summer is the peak season in many parts of Italy like Venice and Tuscany, you might enjoy going in spring or autumn as the places are then less crowded. 

Keep in mind that some popular tourist destinations like Positano or the Amalfi coast can be very empty during winter.  Most attractions close due to cold weather and rain.  So unless you’re planning a ski trip in winter, basically any place in Italy is good to visit between May and October.  During this time you’ll have pleasant to warm Mediterranean days with little rain if any. 

The warmest month is usually August and the coldest is usually January.

Apuglia Lecce Italy Puglia

How much time do you need in Italy

This might depend on how much leave you have or how big your budget is.

Again if you arrange your trip using our helpful links, you can .include things like local cooking classes. Or maybe wine tours and olive tastings.  The list is endless, but do include a day for just “me time”.  Time to enjoy at the place where you’re staying or just to be lazy.  On these days you can walk through local markets, or just relax at a coffee shop and see how locals go about their daily routine.

Join a Tour Group or Go Alone

Our suggestion would be to:

Decide if you want to join a tour group or maybe arrange a small private tour. Then you can book a variety of tours to link to each other, creating the perfect holiday

Viator has fantastic options that might already include more than one destination that you love in Italy. 

So you don’t have to worry about the logistics.  They arrange everything and you just follow the itinerary and guide.  Remember they have various offers available, so you can make selections according to your preference.

Vatican Italy

Flights & Accommodation

Now, this is the easy part – simply book online. Browse, compare and book the many fantastic options via.

Alternatively, book accommodation direct with…

Montepulciano Tuscany Italy

Airport Transfers or Rent a Car

You might not feel comfortable doing your own driving on the Italian roads. Some of them are very narrow and you often need nerves of steel. But if you’re up for it, book your rental car immediately after making your flight booking.  

Many hotels offer airport transfers as part of their service. Depending on where you stay, this might be the perfect option.  You don’t really need a car, as you can book day trips and tours in Italy, with Viator that will pick you up from your hotel. 

However, if you want to do sight-seeing far and wide, it just is so much more ‘comfortable’ to have your own transport.  Compare prices and book.

Things to do

Things you have to do or experience in Italy – Here are some of our must experience in Italy, items:

  1. Italy is known for the best gelato – there are many flavors to sample.
  2. Do a Vespa tour
  3. Via Condotti – Do some Italian shopping – even if it’s just window shopping.
  4. Browse vintage and/or Fresh produce markets like Compo de’Fiori
  5. Stroll along ancient Roman ruins
  6. Visit at least a few of the exquisite gardens around Italy

Where to eat

When staying in a hotel you’ve got breakfast sorted. Make your booking and include breakfast.  If you stay in a self-catering facility, you can just get what you need from the local store or one of the many fresh produce markets.  Trust me when you’re in Italy you will definitely not have to panic about where to eat.  There are always tons of options everywhere.

If uncertain, just ask the locals. If you can speak English, you will be able to ask for assistance as most people in Italy can speak English.  And if you only learn to say one thing (apart from Grazie – meaning “thank you”) in Italian, it is the word “dov’e” (meaning “where is”).  Then you can ask:  Dov’è il ristorante? / Dov’è l’hotel?  Or even easier than that – just use google translate.  It can help you out in any difficult situation with language barriers.

Planning everything

Making plans to see everything in Italy can be quite a daunting task. Just have a look at the list below – and that is what you’ll get on many internet sights.  Loads and loads of places and you might not even know how far they are apart.  It can be terrifying, to say the least.  We want to make life easier for you.  Use a trusted tour operator such as a Viator.  Then link a few tours, to create your own fantastic holiday trip to Italy.

Beautiful Venice Italy

How do you choose which places to see in Italy?

Don’t stress – we have the answer.  Here are only a few suggestions on fabulous places or possible sites you might want to visit while in Rome for example:

Things to do in Rome / Places to visit in Rome:

Rome in Italy

Then you still have:

…and many more.

The answer

So you see that is why we suggest booking tours and linking them to create the best holiday?  Less stress and more inside information:  That is what you want.  You want to enjoy your holiday, not stress about the small stuff.  So you only have to focus on 3 things:

  1. Booking your flight(s),
  2. accommodation, and
  3. transport.

…and leave the rest to the professionals, because you are on holiday and you deserve a break.

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