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Iseltwald is a pretty village on the shores of Lake Brienz.

Iseltwald Switzerland Hidden Gem

Iseltwald is probably best known for the stunning photos taken of the Schloss Seeburg situated in Lake Brienz.  This fairytale small village is situated on the southern shore of the very beautiful Lake Brienz in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It is a picturesque little village and it is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a quiet lakeside Swiss village with fabulous views and traditional architecture.

Due to the fact that Iseltwald is not a big town filled with shops, this little hidden gem might just be the perfect stop if you want to escape the tourists and crowded places.

What language do they speak?

Most of the population in Iseltwald speaks German.  Other languages are Italian and French.

Why should you visit Iseltwald?

The Jungfrau region is a popular world-renowned ski destination.  Iseltwald is one of the popular destinations for skiers and backpackers.  The village has a wonderful selection of accommodation options for the traveler.

There are some beautiful local gardens and traditional Swiss chalet houses with beautiful architecture.  Iseltwald is the kind of place where you want to get a quiet spot and just sit and stare out over Lake Brienz.

When planning your trip to Switzerland, make sure you include a few days in the region of Lake Brienz. The lake itself is breathtakingly beautiful.  The turquoise-colored water surrounded by beautiful mountains is really something to see.

Iseltwald is near to / How to get around

The best way to explore this jaw-droppingly beautiful region is to hire a car.  To get to Iseltwald, you can take a train via Bern, but it is definitely worth hiring a car.  You are so close to all the beautiful destinations which are simply all worthy of being at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list.  In my opinion, you must simply explore while you are in the area.

Iseltwald is close to: 

  • Interlaken – 10 min (9.8 km) via the A8
  • Lauterbrunnen – 22 min (21.0 km) via A8
  • Brienz – 13 min (12.5 km)  via the A8
  • Zürich airport – 1 hr 33 min (126 km) via A8 and A4
  • Bern – 50 min (66.0 km) via A8 and A6

From Interlaken, you can take the ferry for a fabulous 45-minute ride to Iseltwald.

If you’re looking for a scenic drive to the village, take the lakeside road.

The bus service between Interlaken and Iseltwald is also very good and it takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to reach your destination.

Iseltwald views
Iseltwald Switzerland

How much time to spend

You can visit Iseltwald in about 2 to 3 hours, depending on how much walking you would like to do.  Maybe spend some time at one of the lakeside restaurants or just walk through town to see what it’s all about.  As mentioned, this is not a touristy big town, but staying overnight and just spending time outdoors, is definitely also a winner.  

Where to stay

Staying at the Strand Hotel with its waterside restaurant, you will be central to almost everything.  You can easily walk to the Schloss Seeburg and you’ll be right next to the ferry docking station.  Within walking distance, there is a beautiful play park for the kids to keep them entertained.  However, there are quite a few fabulous options on where to stay, as well as accommodation in Giessbach.

5 Things to do in Iseltwald Switzerland

1.  Schloss Seeburg

This fairytale castle in the middle of the lake is the venue to take stunning photos.

Although there are currently no activities or tours you can book to this castle, it still does make for a beautiful photo backdrop.

2.  Dine at one of the lakeside restaurants

3.  Spend a day enjoying Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz is one of the many super clean lakes in Switzerland, so you can definitely hop in for a swim, go on a boat ride, or paddleboard.

Iseltwald Switzerland
Iseltwald on Lake Brienz in the Canton of Bern Switzerland

4.  Hiking

Hiking from the Iseltwald to Giessbach is an easy 5.2 km walk (approx. 1H30 hiking time)

5.  Visit the famous Bollywood and Korean Movie site and dock

  • The Bollywood Movie Simmba’s video song “Tere Bin” was shot across three locations: Grindelwald, the village of Gruyères, and Iseltwald.  This video shows just how beautiful the area is.
  • Check out Schorren, the scenic street that was filmed in Crash Landing On You, and visit the landing stage dock which is also the famous spot where Jeong-hyeok played his dreamy piano music for Se-ri. (Korean: 사랑의 불시착; Hanja: 사랑의 不時着; RR: Sarang-ui Bulsichak; MR: Sarang-ŭi pulshich’ak; lit. Love’s Emergency Landing)

If you loved any of these movies, this is the perfect place for a fabulous Instagram photo.

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