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Where is Ischia?

Ischia Island is located in Italy on the Tyrrhenian Seas about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the city of Naples. This island in the Campania region has a surface area of 46.3 square kilometers (17.9 square miles) and is almost entirely mountainous.

What is Ischia known for?

It is known for its magnificent views and is almost like a chocolate box picture in itself. For instance, the views from Aragonese Castle is breathtakingly beautiful.

The local dish is rabbit, and of course pizza and pasta galore. 

When is the best time to visit Ischia?

Ischia relies on tourism and its tourist season stretches from May to September. However, July and August are peak tourism months, so expect a lot of travelers. In addition, July and August are the warmest months, whereas May, June, and September have mild temperatures.

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If you intend to travel to Ischia from the airport consider flying into Naples Capodichino airport. After that, catch a taxi or the Alibus (airport bus service) to go to Beverello Port where you will find a ferry.

The other alternative is to take a private taxi transfer from Naples to Ischia.

Arriving in Ischia by sea will be memorable for years to come because of its picture-perfect setting.

Catch a ferry, for example from Positano, or Sorrento, or Naples or Pozzuoli (about 1h15m).

Parking is difficult to find, so we recommend using taxis. The taxis are usually very reasonable and everywhere to find.

Exploring Ischia by foot is a treat. There is plenty of Italian coffee or espresso to taste. Hmmm, and try a rum-soaked babà pastry!

How long should I stay in Ischia?

A 3-night stay in Ischia will ensure you cover all the highlights and still more.  Ischia Island may be small but each and every picturesque scene is worth taking in and to take sightseeing in your stride. Don’t rush Ischia!

Ischia, the largest of the volcanic islands in the Bay of Naples, has a rich history dating back to ancient times. They have superb wines and beautiful sights to explore.

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Aragonese Castle

Let me start off by saying: It is STUNNING. My advice is to plan to have a light lunch at the castle and make it a 1-day-excursion.

Once you walk across the bridge from Ischia you are at Castello Aragonese. The castle has had a lot of re-structuring and is privately owned today, however, the very first structure built on a rock dates back to 474BC and it is waiting for you!

You will soon understand my recommendation to spend a day at the castle and not rush your visit there. This is the castle’s sightseeing-list:

  1. Terrace of the Immaculate Conception
  2. Church of the Immaculate Conception
  3. Convent of Santa Maria della Consolazione
  4. Cemetery of the Nuns
  5. Belvedere of the Convent
  6. Cafeteria of the Moastero
  7. House of the Sun
  8. Church of San Pietro a Pantaniello
  9. Palmenti for vinification and cell making
  10. Viale dei palmenti
  11. Bourbon prison
  12. Terrace of the olive trees
  13. “Il Terrazzo” restaurant café
  14. Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie or dell’Ortodonico
  15. Ancient watchtower and defense tower
  16. Path of the sun
  17. Steps of S. Cristofaro
  18. Church of the Madonna della Libera
  19. Viale dell’Ailantus
  20. Remains of the temple of the sun
  21. Terrace of the temple
  22. Cathedral of the Assumption
  23. Noble crypt of the Cathedral
  24. Panoramic loggia

In the meantime, I’ll cover a few sights from the list.

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Aragonese castle Ischia Italy 8

Chiesa della Madonna della Libera

This oldest surviving church in the Aragonese Castle was built in the 12th century. In 18010 the church was destroyed almost to the ground (Napoleon war) and restoration of the church uncovered frescoes dating back to the late 13th to 14th centuries.


Cimitero delle monache Clarisse (16th Century)

Also known as the Cemetry of the Nuns where lifeless bodies were seated. The purpose of the whole was to collect body fluids. Nuns would gather in prayer in this foul-smelling and unhealthy room and meditate for several hours of the day. They would get sick and even lose their life from contracting serious diseases but they were dedicated to emphasizing, through the ritual, that the body is merely a container of the spirit with no other value.

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Terrazo degli ulivi

With so many spectacular views you catch your breath around every corner of the ancient castle. And nature will blow your mind too. There are plenty of olive trees that will surely be able to tell their own story, if only they could talk!

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Carcere borbonico

The severity of the Borbon prison is well symbolized with its heavy gates to guard the prisoners 24/7.


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One minute in Ischia Island, Italy

  • Sightseeing Map

Where is Ischia?

Ischia Island is located in Italy on the Tyrrhenian Seas about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the city of Naples. This island in the Campania region has a surface area of 46.3 square kilometers (17.9 square miles) and is almost entirely mountainous.

  • Nearest airport

    The airport of Naples called Napoli Capodichino (NAP).

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Other sights to see

  • Sant’Angelo (Sant’Angelo, in the comune of Serrara Fontana)
  • Villa La Colombaia
  • Maronti Beach (Barano d’Ischia)
  • Gardens of Villa Ravino
  • Church of the Soccorso’ (Forio)
  • Gardens of La Mortella
  • Piazza S.Restituta, with the best luxury boutiques (Lacco Ameno)
  • Bay of Sorgeto, with hot thermal springs (Panza)
  • Poseidon Gardens – spa with several thermal pools (Panza)
  • Citara Beach (Panza)
  • English’s Beach (Ischia)
  • Pitthekoussai Archaeological museum
  • The Angelo Rizzoli museum

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