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Hungarian pancake Tart Recipe: Traditional and Easy

What is the difference between Hungarian pancake and crêpe?

While they both fall under the broad category of thin pancakes, the specific ingredients, thickness, and ways they are served or filled distinguish Hungarian pancakes from French crêpes.

Hungarian pancakes, known as “palacsinta”, fall into the category of thin pancakes, similar to crêpes. They’re larger in diameter and made from a batter containing eggs, milk, mineral water, flour, and sugar, covering the whole pan when cooked. These thin pancakes are filled with jam, cocoa cream, Nutella, or other fillings before being rolled up.

The French way of eating pancakes is quite similar to the Hungarian style. They skip adding mineral water to the batter and fold the cakes instead of rolling them. They enjoy various fillings like sweet chocolate or fruits, but they also serve pancakes with cheese or vegetables.

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Hungarian culinary traditions

Walnuts have been a part of Hungarian culinary traditions for a long time, adding a nutty richness and texture to many dishes, both sweet and savory.

In Hungarian cooking, walnuts are often used in fillings for pastries like beigli (a traditional Christmas roll), rétes (Hungarian strudel), in fillings for palacsinta (Hungarian pancakes) and other sweet treats.

Hungary pancake tart recipe

Pancake ingredients

250g flour
1 pinch of salt
1 lemon (zest)
25g yeast
3 eggs
100g granulated sugar
1 pinch vanilla sugar
300ml milk
200ml whipping cream
50g butter oil for greasing

Filling Ingredients

Chopped walnuts
Grated lemon zest
Icing sugar
Vanilla sugar
Ground cinnamon
Your favorite jam

Make the pancake batter: Mix flour, salt, lemon zest, and crumbled yeast in a big bowl. In another bowl, whisk eggs, granulated sugar, and vanilla sugar until smooth. Stir in milk, whipping cream, and melted butter. Mix the wet and dry ingredients until smooth. Let the batter sit for an hour.

Prepare fillings: Line a tray with parchment paper. For nut filling, mix chopped walnuts, lemon zest, icing sugar, vanilla sugar, and cinnamon. Warm your favorite jam for the fruit filling.

Cook the pancakes: Oil a pan. Pour batter, and cook one side until golden. Place the half-cooked pancake on the tray, fried side down, and add the nut mixture. Repeat, layering pancakes with nuts and jam.

Bake the pancake cake: Preheat oven to 160°C. Bake layered pancakes for 30 minutes. Cool on the tray.

Serve: Once cooled, drizzle chocolate sauce and chopped walnuts on top. Slice and serve the pancake tart, with extra chocolate sauce on the side.

Chocolate sauce is the perfect topping for a Hungarian pancake tart. Here’s the recipe!

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