The Great Spa Towns of Europe

The UNESCO World Heritage Convention mentions eleven spa towns, which are located in seven European countries on their list of Great Spa Towns of Europe.  These towns all developed around natural mineral water springs, and they bear witness to the international European spa culture.  But why should you visit?  Let’s see what they offer…

1. Baden bei Wien, Austria

A Regal Retreat

Discover the elegant charm of Baden bei Wien, nestled near Vienna.

Known for its healing thermal waters and idyllic setting, this spa town offers a regal retreat. Explore the beautiful Rosarium (with more than 25 000 roses), immerse yourself in the rejuvenating sulfur springs at Römertherme, and indulge in the luxurious spa treatments. The historic Kurpark (city park), with its magnificent gardens and picturesque landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation. With its rich cultural heritage, including the grand Baden Casino, Baden bei Wien is a destination that combines wellness, history, and sophistication for a truly enchanting experience.

Great Spa Towns of Europe Baden

Recommendations on where to stay:

  • At the Park Hotel – (4-star hotel) 200 m from the casino and the Römertherme thermal baths.

2. Karlovy Vary, Czechia

A Majestic Thermal Oasis

Karlovy Vary (Czech pronunciation: [ˈkarlovɪ ˈvarɪ]; German: Karlsbad, formerly also spelled Carlsbad in English) is a spa city in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic, offers fabulous places to stay:

Immerse yourself in the majesty of Karlovy Vary, a spa town in the Czech Republic known for its grandeur and healing mineral springs. Indulge in the therapeutic waters at the Mill Colonnade, surrounded by breathtaking architecture. Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque colonnades, sampling the various mineral-rich springs along the way.  With its regal charm, curative waters, and rich cultural offerings, Karlovy Vary beckons visitors to experience its enchanting blend of relaxation and grandeur.  This proud member of the Great Spa Towns of Europe is definitely worth a visit.  Read more…

Spa hotel in Karlsbad Karlovy Vary

Spa Hotel Imperial (5-star hotel) – Book your stay.

beautiful places to stay in Karlovy Vary Karlsbad Grand Hotel Pupp

Grand Hotel Pupp (5-star hotel) – Book your stay.

Where to stay in Karlovy Vary Karlsbad Humboldt Park Hotel & Spa

Humboldt Park Hotel & Spa (4-star hotel) – Book your stay.

3. Františkovy Lázně, Czechia

Tranquility Amidst Nature

Embrace tranquility in Františkovy Lázně, a spa town in Cheb District in the Karlovy Vary Region of the Czech Republic. Surrounded by lush forests and serene lakes, this idyllic destination offers a peaceful retreat. Experience the healing properties of its mineral springs, known for their beneficial effects on the body and mind. Stroll along the charming colonnades, visit the beautifully landscaped Smetana Park, and unwind in the elegant spa facilities. Františkovy Lázně’s peaceful ambiance, therapeutic waters, and natural landscapes make it a perfect getaway for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with nature.

Pension Natalie

Apartmány Natálie offers self-catering accommodation in Františkovy Lázně, only 150 meters from the Aquaforum aqua park and spa.  A stunning Autumn destination.

Great Spa towns of Europe where to stay

4. Spa, Belgium

A historic wellness haven

Step into history in Spa, Belgium, renowned as the birthplace of the modern spa. Set amidst the stunning Ardennes region, this town offers a serene escape.

Immerse yourself in the curative mineral waters at Les Thermes de Spa, one of Europe’s oldest thermal establishments. Explore the beautiful Parc de Sept Heures, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic trails. Spa’s historical legacy is reflected in its charming Belle Époque architecture and the iconic Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, home to the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix.

With its therapeutic waters, natural beauty, and cultural heritage, Spa is a haven for wellness and relaxation.

Great Spa Towns of Europe Belgium

Recommendations on where to stay near Les Thermes de Spa:

5. Vichy, France

A Thermal Oasis with Artistic Charm

Experience the art of wellness in Vichy, a renowned spa town in central France. Famous for its thermal springs and luxurious spa resorts, Vichy offers a harmonious blend of relaxation and artistic charm. Discover the grandeur of the Opéra de Vichy, wander through the beautiful parks like Parc Napoléon III, and indulge in the rejuvenating treatments at the elegant Les Célestins Spa. The town’s architectural treasures, including the stunning Art Nouveau facades, add to its allure. Vichy invites visitors to unwind, pamper their senses, and embrace a wellness-focused lifestyle surrounded by timeless beauty.  The place to stay?  Vichy Célestins Spa Hôtel.

6. Mariánské Lázně, Czechia

Nature's Healing Retreat

Escape to the serene beauty of Mariánské Lázně, a spa town nestled amidst picturesque forests and rolling hills. Known for its healing mineral springs and pristine landscapes, this town offers a nature-inspired retreat. Immerse yourself in the curative waters at the iconic Singing Fountain, surrounded by charming colonnades. Explore the verdant parks, such as the enchanting English Park or the beautiful Spa Colonnade. Mariánské Lázně’s tranquil atmosphere, therapeutic waters, and natural surroundings make it an ideal destination for those seeking wellness, rejuvenation, and a deep connection with the healing power of nature.

Beautiful places to stay in Ceska republika

Grandhotel Nabokov  – Book your stay

most beautiful places to stay in Mariánské Lázně, Czechia

Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marianske Lazne – Book your stay

Spa Hotel in Marianske Lazne

OREA Spa Hotel Bohemia Mariánské Lázně – Book your stay

7. Bad Ems, Germany

A Picturesque Health Retreat

Nestled along the banks of the River Lahn in Germany, Bad Ems invites you to a picturesque health retreat. Discover the healing powers of its thermal springs, celebrated since Roman times. Take a leisurely stroll along the elegant promenade, enjoy panoramic views from the famous Malbergbahn funicular, and explore the charming Kurpark. Bad Ems’ historical significance is reflected in its graceful architecture and cultural offerings, including the magnificent Kurhaus. With its scenic beauty, therapeutic waters, and a rich heritage, Bad Ems provides a tranquil haven where visitors can rejuvenate their bodies and soothe their souls.  Read more…

Where to stay?  The beautiful Häcker’s Hotel is a good choice.  Book your stay.

Great Spa Towns in Europe Bad Ems, Germany
Visit Baden Baden Germany where to stay what to do and see

8. Baden-Baden, Germany

A Wellness Haven in the Black Forest

Find wellness paradise in Baden-Baden, Germany, nestled in the enchanting Black Forest. Indulge in luxurious spas, mineral baths, and wellness centers in this renowned spa town. The Caracalla Spa, with its impressive thermal pools and rejuvenating treatments, is a must-visit. Stroll through the picturesque Lichtentaler Allee, visit the opulent Baden-Baden Casino, and enjoy the soothing ambiance of this elegant town. Baden-Baden’s fusion of natural beauty and wellness-focused lifestyle creates the perfect setting for revitalization of the mind, body, and spirit. Surrender to the serenity of Baden-Baden and experience a truly rejuvenating escape.  Read more…

Baden Baden Germany

9. Bad Kissingen, Germany

A Cultural Retreat in Bavaria

Embark on a cultural retreat to Bad Kissingen, a spa town in the beautiful region of Bavaria, Germany. Renowned for its healing mineral springs, this destination offers a serene escape. Immerse yourself in the historic Wandelhalle, with its magnificent architecture and curative waters. Explore the beautifully landscaped Rosengarten and visit the impressive Regentenbau, hosting cultural events and concerts. Bad Kissingen’s charming Old Town, with its quaint streets and elegant buildings, adds to the town’s allure. With its cultural heritage, natural beauty, and wellness traditions, Bad Kissingen invites visitors to relax, explore, and indulge in the vibrant Bavarian culture.

Bad Kissengen has many beautiful places you can stay:  Search and book your stay.

Great spa towns in Europe Bad Kissingen, Germany

10. Montecatini Terme, Italy

Tuscan Splendor and Wellness

Discover Tuscan splendor and indulge in wellness in Montecatini Terme, Italy’s renowned spa town. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany, this destination combines natural beauty with healing waters. Immerse yourself in the curative thermal baths, such as Tettuccio or Excelsior, and enjoy the Tuscan sun in the charming parks and gardens. Montecatini Terme’s Belle Époque architecture, stylish cafés, and vibrant atmosphere create an elegant setting for relaxation. With its Tuscan charm, therapeutic waters, and culinary delights, Montecatini Terme invites visitors to savor the art of living well amidst the splendor of one of Italy’s most beautiful regions.

Great Spa Towns of Europe Italy

Palazzo BelVedere

a beautiful place in Italy spa hotel stunning luxury wellness Manzoni

Hotel Manzoni Wellness&Spa

Discover more beautiful highly recommended places to stay – Click here.

Remember when you use any of our links to book accommodation it is at no extra cost to you, but it does help us to bring you more beautiful vacation ideas.  Thanking you for your support.

11. City of Bath, United Kingdom

Ancient Roman Heritage

The City of Bath in the United Kingdom is an extraordinary spa town that combines ancient Roman heritage with stunning architecture and a rich cultural scene. A visit to Bath is a journey through time as you explore the historic Roman Baths and indulge in the therapeutic mineral waters. The city’s Georgian architecture, exemplified by the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey, creates a picturesque backdrop for leisurely walks and exploration. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene, visit the Jane Austen Centre, and enjoy the annual Bath Literature Festival. With its unique blend of history, beauty, and cultural experiences, Bath is a captivating destination for spa enthusiasts and history lovers alike.  Read more…

Pulteney bridge Bath UK

Why should you visit? Is it worth a visit?

These eleven ‘Great spa towns of Europe’ offer an incredible array of experiences that make them worth visiting. From the regal retreat of Baden bei Wien to the historic wellness haven of Spa, Belgium, and the tranquil nature-inspired retreat of Františkovy Lázně, each town offers a unique atmosphere and therapeutic offerings. Whether you seek the majestic thermal oasis of Karlovy Vary or the Tuscan splendor and wellness in Montecatini Terme, these towns provide opportunities for relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with nature. With their rich cultural heritage, healing waters, and stunning landscapes, these spa towns promise unforgettable experiences for those seeking wellness, history, and natural beauty.

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