Giethoorn is a Charming village in the Netherlands

Whispers of Tranquility: Giethoorn's Idyllic Canals and Charming Bridges

Nestled in the Dutch province of Overijssel, adjacent to the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, lies the charming village of Giethoorn. In stark contrast to bustling streets adorned with traffic lights and paved roads, Giethoorn beckons with a unique charm. Here, the primary mode of transportation is a leisurely boat ride along serene canals, winding through picturesque homes. As you navigate these waterways, expect delightful encounters with adorable ducks, adding to the tranquil ambiance of this idyllic village.

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If I had to describe Giethoorn as a romantic travel itinerary item:

I would write:  “In Giethoorn’s embrace, where canals whisper and bridges hold secrets, love finds its most enchanting chapter.” – Jo-Anne Naude

…but although Giethoorn can be a romantic getaway, it is also a fun family adventure just a short trip from Amsterdam, making it an ideal escape to a tranquil village setting away from the bustling city life…

Giethoorn Netherlands

The true allure of Giethoorn reveals itself during the enchanting boat rides, making them the essence of a visit to this picturesque village.

The very reason one comes to Giethoorn is to partake in these serene waterway journeys. Drifting along the canals, one can’t help but envision a dreamy life in a charming home nestled along the canal banks.

Whether basking in the beauty and tranquility of quiet days or immersing oneself in the friendly atmosphere during bustling ones, Giethoorn captivates visitors with a unique blend of serenity and vibrant community spirit.

Travel Trivia

How did Giethoorn get its name: 

According to National Geographic – ‘The story goes that its original farmer-settlers discovered a collection of horns belonging to wild goats thought to have died in the Flood of 1170.

“Goat horn,” or “Geytenhoren,” was shortened to Giethoorn, and the name stuck.  Centuries post-flood, water continues to define the village’s living history and landscape.’

Most homes are perched on small private islands, interconnected solely by romantic wooden bridges that span over 150 in number. These charming bridges weave a network, uniting the islands and adding to the village’s unique allure.


In the summer, the scene transforms as picturesque thatched-roof farmhouses take center stage, adorned with stunning hydrangea displays, creating an incredible experience.

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Travel Tip(s)

It is a polular tourist attraction, so make no mistake, it can get very busy at times, so keep Dwarsgracht in mind.


Only a 10 minute drive away from Giethoorn is Dwarsgracht, which is very similar in looks and maybe not that touristy.  Keep this in mind for days when Giethoorn is too crowded.

Although the main attraction, or rather one of the main attractions, is to go on a boat ride around the waterways, this is not your only option to explore.  You can also sign up for a walking tour through the picturesque Giethoorn.

Nice to Know

You can easily do day trips to nearby Zaanse Schans and Keukenhof.  We can definitely recommend that you will love Zaanse Schans as well.  Below are links for easy booking, trusted tours:

Travel Tip(s)

Booking a ready-made tour to Giethoorn offers the advantage of a hassle-free and curated experience. With a pre-arranged tour package, you can sit back, relax, and fully immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Giethoorn without worrying about the logistics. Expertly designed itineraries ensure you make the most of your visit, covering key attractions, boat rides along serene canals, and the picturesque landscapes. This convenience allows you to focus on enjoying the beauty of Giethoorn, its charming bridges, thatched-roof farmhouses, and the unique experience of exploring this idyllic Dutch village.

How to get to or from airports, cruise ports, and train stations

Things to do

When is the best time to visit Giethoorn

High Season is April to October – which means lots of tourists, but also the most beautiful time of the year.

School and Public Holidays as well as Sundays are not the best options as the village can get very crowded during these times. June (just before school holiday) is a pretty time of the year to go as the flowers starts to bloom.  

Weekdays are your best option.  If possible arrange that you go from Monday to Thursdays.

Where to stay in Giethoorn

How to get there

You can take a direct train from Amsterdam Zuid to Zwolle.  Then from Zwolle you have to take a bus to Giethoorn.

Coming from Amsterdam you can rent a car for the approximate 120 km drive.  Your car will have a GPS so you don’t have to worry and can enjoy the scenic drive.

International Airport

The nearest international airport is Amsterdam International (AMS).

More THINGS TO DO at your favorite destination

Museum: Giethoorn ‘t Olde Maat Uus – A Farm museum illustrating the region’s history.

  • Address:  Binnenpad 52 8355 BT Giethoorn


Boat builder Schreur  – See how the boats are made.

  • Address:  Binnenpad 135 8355 BW Giethoorn

Boat builder Wildeboer

  • Address:  Beulakerweg 48 8355 AJ Giethoorn


Museum De Oude Aarde

  • Address:  Binnenpad 43 8355 BR Giethoorn


Blessed with beautiful views, this restaurant / café offers everything from Picnic Baskets, Lunch Buffets, Barbecues, High Teas to just a cup of coffee when you need it.  Definitely worth a visit.  (If you click on their name above, it will take you directly to their website with directions and all the information you need to get there.)

Hotel Restaurant de dames van de Jonge

Stop for coffee or tea, have a drink on the terrace by the water or in the garden room.  They serve dinners, lunches and high teas. 

Hollands Venetië

“Restaurant Hollands Venetië, de naam voor het rustieke dorp Giethoorn en ook de naam van ons sfeervolle restaurant.”

(Translated as:  Restaurant Hollands Venice, the name for the rustic village of Giethoorn and also the name of our atmospheric restaurant.)

Check out their website for the following fun events:

  • Vrijgezellenfeest
  • Avondspeurtocht
  • Schattenjacht in Giethoorn
  • Familiedag in Giethoorn

and much more..

The most important thing to know and keep in mind when you visit Giethoorn:

Finally, yet undoubtedly the most crucial aspect, is the warm hospitality extended by the residents. These individuals are known for their social nature, friendliness, and remarkable tolerance. It is essential not to misuse their kindness. Always maintain courtesy, respecting their privacy and boundaries, as this is their permanent place of residence.

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