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Where And When To See Beautiful Flowers In Full Bloom

Australia, France, Nepal, Sweden, Hungary, India

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Best places and when to see lavender in full bloom travel and home min
WHEN AND WHERE TO SEE FLOWERS IN BLOOM travel and home @travelandhome min

France's Gorgeous floral landscapes

Blooming Irises

Iris France flowers in bloom

Where: The Provence region of color and natural beauty bears fields of powder periwinkle blooming irises throughout Trets’ landscape. Follow the route from Rousset to Trets to uncover the beauty for yourself. 

When: April.

Cityscape Magnolias

Eiffel tower in Paris with blooming Magnolia trees travel and home min

Where: You don’t have to travel far in Paris to get a full-on display of the gorgeous Magnolia petals. The Eiffel tower, the Jardin du Palais Royal, and the garden next to Hotel de Ville, the Jardin des Combattants Espagnols de la Nueve. The latter is a little haven in central Paris and open over weekends. For a smaller display, but just as pretty, go to the Square Rene Viviani, just south of Notre Dame across the river.

When: Early to mid-March.

Every year, during a relatively short window of time, something magical happens in the south of France. The lavender fields are a photographer’s ultimate treat and a popular Instagram spot.

Below: A trip to Provence during the lavender season also inspires a bit of home decor in the hope to capture the mood a bit longer.

Australia's Gold

Golden Wattles Australia flowers in bloom

Where: Golden Wattles is a sight to treasure in south-eastern Australia from South Australia’s southern Eyre Peninsula and Flinders Ranges across Victoria and northwards into inland areas of southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

When: The flowering season is late winter to early spring and so can be suitably associated with 1 September.


Rhododendron tree close to Poon Hill Nepal flowers in bloom

Where: The above photo is of a Rhododendron tree close to Poon Hill. The TMJ area is the “rhododendron capital” of the country and a conservation area since July 1998 to protect the national flower. Thirty-one species of rhododendron trees are found in the region.

When: In springtime, namely March / April.

Sweden's Canola fields

Canola fields along a railway line on the way to Karlshamn in Sweden follow the flowers
Karlshamn, Sweden

Where: Canola fields along a railway line on our way to Karlshamn.

When: We caught them in full bloom around mid-May.

Hungary's sunflower fields

Sunflower fields Szeged Hungary follow the flowers

Where: Sunflowers are quite common in Hungary. According to EUROSTAT, 650.66 thousand ha was under cultivation of Sunflower seed. Therefore, you may pass acres and acres of them on the roads. Like we found in Szeged, Hungary.

When: August.

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India's outstanding natural beauty

Valley of Flowers National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site follow the flowers India
Valley of Flowers National Park

Where: Nestled high in West Himalaya, India’s Valley of Flowers National Park is renowned for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and outstanding natural beauty.

When:  Mid-July to mid-August is the best time to see the flowers in full bloom.